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Speed Riding


Learn to fly, learn to paraglide with the NZ Champions! Paragliding tandems and training at every level are available. Wings & Waves imports the most reputable paragliding brands to New Zealand, such as Gin, Swing, Kortel, Brauninger and SupAir. Our retail shop and service loft have everything a paraglider pilot may want.

We specialise in intense kite surfing lessons in small groups and one-on-one, package deals of Naish and GinKite equipment, Underground boards and lessons at very good prices. Kite boarding lessons are held in Auckland, mainly on North Shore beaches, near the city center.

GIN and Wings & Waves have introduced speed flying and speed riding to NZ. We have a great selection of the leading speedflying equipment available and also offer training.

Introductory tandem paramotor flights, intro courses and license courses make it easy to get into paramotor flying. We import the top brands of motor equipment to New Zealand, such as Parajet, PowerPlay, Swing and Backbone.

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