Kite Surfing

New - exciting - exhilarating!

Keen to learn? Your first step could be a stage 1 kitesurfing lesson. Auckland has a huge variety of fantastic kitesurfing sites, both for learners and for experts.

Wings & Waves
is located right next to Shoal Bay in Bayswater, one of the best kite surfing spots in Auckland, on the sunny North Shore, Auckland, near Takapuna and Devonport.

Due to its safe location, flat water and the regular SW winds blowing into it, Shoal Bay is probably the best spot to learn kite surfing. 5 mins away is Cheltenham Beach, which is ideal for learning when the wind blows from the easterly directions.

We are easy to reach from downtown: Take the ferry across the harbour and you will be at our place in 7 mins. See details.

Lukas Walton practicing tricks - at 12 years old. Obviously, we make it as easy as "child's play".


Gift Vouchers

are available for kite surfing lessons. We personalise voucher and post them out - often the same day. Order through our online voucher order form or via email, phone (09-446 0020) or post.

Wings & Waves - the best service in kite surfing

Wings & Waves offers a large variety of high quality equipment at low prices, great advice from keen kite boarders and instructors, lessons by our experienced instructors, a full size sail loft and a top sail maker in case you need a repair done, a place to watch a video or change and shower after your lesson. We carry Naish, GinKites, Underground. What else would you want?

How to get into it

Take a lesson with Reuben or Ben. You can book via email or call on 09-446 0020 or 0274-727 013. Rather sooner than later, you will need a kite, a board and a harness. The best way to choose the right one, is to talk to your instructor about what you need, taking into account your previous surfing / kiting / sports experience, budget and what you expect to achieve, he will be able to fit you out with the perfect gear. We have gathered extensive experience with different design and brand kites, our NZ conditions and different styles of kiting.
Best value for money are our customised package deals which we can offer with great extras and back up service at low prices. We always include an extra one-on-one lesson with the equipment purchase to make sure you are comfortable with the new gear. Once you bought equipment, you get priority when booking lessons, we keep an eye on you on the beach and give you assistance and advise as you need it. Seeing other new kite boarders looking very lost and worried on the beach, we know that this part of our service is very valuable to new kite boarders.
Avoid wasting money on "cheap" gear - it too often ends up a waste of every cent and - worse - in frustration. Get good gear right from the start and make the most out of every day kiting! We can usually offer you good second hand gear or demo equipment from our shop as well as new gear.

How hard is it to kite surf?

With a couple of lessons to help you get started, you soon get to the stage where you can get up on the board and sail away. It will take you some more practice to manage jumps and tricks, but any experience surfing, windsurfing, kiting, paragliding and sailing will help a lot. Kite boarding is reasonably physical, so the fitter you are, the easier it is.

What does it cost?

You can either buy new or 2nd hand gear. Generally, a really good kite set (with lines, bar etc) will cost you about $1,500 to $2,900, the board is $400 to $1,400, the harness $120-$300. Second hand is obviously cheaper. We have some used and some demo equipment available as well. The best deals are our package deal specials, which we tailor to you. They include a brand-new Naish or GIN latest design SLE kite, a new board and lessons. They are $2,700 to $3,200 after your lessons, even for top of the line Naish or even GIN equipment! Call us to make you an offer!