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KORTEL Karver II harness



This is the cleverest harness I have ever seen! Once you try it, you will love it. We use it for speed flying and for tandem flying. This is the second edition with slightly lighter material than the first and some structural perfections.


WW students' on-line log book

This winter, we put our thinking caps on again, to figure out how we can improve our school, our service, the quality of teaching and your learning experience. One often mentioned issue is that students wonder how they are tracking on their mission to achieve PG2. Many of our talented students are quite goal focussed and eager to achieve what's needed. While bearing in mind where we need to slow people down and where we want them to sharpen up, we want to help you to achieve your goals soon. 

Wanaka Course January 2015

We offer to run a XC course in Wanaka prior to the Nationals in January 2015. The course will be 6 days, 24 - 29 January. This can be your warm up to the competition, familiarising yourself with the are and the local conditions, fly to a couple of turnpoints every day, learn to read the local weather, learn to make the most out of your instruments and perfect your thermalling and transition techniques. 

WOF 2014 / 2015

It's this time of the year again: Do your WOF!

WOFs are compulsory in NZ and give you a good chance to check out your equipment early in the season. We are also doing a sausage sizzle, so bring some drinks (and food if you would like anything other than the club sausages) to catch up with everyone else. Any excuse for a little party....

Season 2014 /2015 - get ready!!

Feels like spring - we are keen to start teaching again: On 1 September we officially start again with new paragliding courses, kitesurfing and paramotoring. A bunch of you have already signed up and are sorted with new gear. 

If you or a friend wants to start flying or kiting this season, SIGN UP now and get a DISCOUNT if you pay by 30 August. We can also offer some specials on package deals for PG2 and equipment.

Bright Course 2015


TWO places left on the course! Join us!! We have published the dates early to make it easy for those who need to book their holidays from work.

6 - 14 March 2015.

This is a very special, annual event: The Wings & Waves Team takes a group of PG 2 pilots to our favourite thermalling place in Australia for a week’s thermalling and XC course.

Bright is a wonderful alpine town in the NE of Victoria and offers great flying sites, a great sceneary, reliable conditions and lots to do when you are not flying. We are going in the middle of February when it is nice and warm and the flying conditions wonderful.

Winter Special for courses

During the middle of the winter, we decided not to waste anyones time dragging you through mud and wind and weather trying to learn to paraglide, but instead we are taking our well-dserved annual break.

The best time to start your paragliding career is the beginning of the 2014 / 2015 season, being September 2014.

Those who book early, can take advantage of our annual Winter SPECIAL: Any bookings for September and October will be reduced. PG 1 courses are $599 instead of $660, One Day courses are $199 instead of $240, trial flights are $169 insead of $190 if paid in by 30 August. Please book by email.

Winter 2014

Well deserved, no doubt, Eva and Reuben are taking it easy for the month of July. The weather for paragliding is pretty terrible: Either too windy or no wind at all, no thermals, no sea breaze, muddy ground and cold. 

We are still available via email or on the cell phones for orders, advise or bookings for the new season. We won't be in the office every day or on the landline as we usually are. Email replies may take a little longer than usual, but will happen. 

September is usually the best time to start again.  

KORTEL Kolibri harness



The Kolibri is our lightweight harness for hike and fly competitions or bivouac flights.

The result of three years of reflection on the activity, it is characterized by several major innovations:

  • Dyneema Structure
  • Large storage pockets
  • Hybrid back protector foam / airbag
  • Adjustments by innovative trimmable splicing

Weatherflow Windmeter



A Wind Meter for your Smart Phone

WeatherFlow is proud to announce the Weatherflow wind meter - it’s an anemometer that fits in your pocket. It’s the first hardware product we have created for the general wind & weather addicted community. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and all major Android devices.


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