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NZ Nationals - GIN gliders win all around

Reuben won EN C and EN B class: on his GIN CarreraReuben won EN C and EN B class: on his GIN Carrera

The Tasman Club in Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand, recently hosted the first part of the NZ Nationals Paragliding. With 5 valid task, flown at 3 different locations, this was a successful competition.

A few of our Wings & Waves Pilots were there on the GIN Gliders - and did exceptionally well. Reuben Muir, Wings & Waves instructor and owner, lead the competition up to the last day, on his EN B glider GIN Carrera, in front of comp gliders and a wave of the latest EN C's and the likes. It was neck on neck within a couple of points for days, with Itai Almong on his Delta 2 from Queenstown / Israel right behind him. On the last day though, GIN pilot Grant Middendorf blitzed both of them convincingly, and took the first place over all, in front of Reuben in second place. Nothing like being being beaten by your mate… :-)

Gift Vouchers for kite or paragliding lessons

Early Bird Discount

All Xmas gift vouchers ordered and paid into our account by 6 December, are reduced by 10% and sent out by 16th December! Please use our voucher order form.

That applies both kitesurfing and paragliding vouchers. Details on our paragliding lessons are on the Paragliding web site, details on the kitesurfing lessons are here.

All our lessons are run on a very low student to instructor ratio with the top instructors, which - as people tell us who have experience more than our school - make for exceptional good value for money. Our students learn more in a shorter time. Try it!

Bright March 2014 and Wanaka Jan 2014

We have scheduled a couple of very special courses.

Wanaka Jan 2014 

NZ Champion, local Wanaka flying guru and NZ distance record holder Grant Middendorf is running a XC and comp clinic for us. This course is for PG 2 pilots who want to improve on their XC and competition skills this season. It will be a 4 - 5 day clinic including practical instructions and theory, tactics, weather briefings etc. This is not suitable for pilots new to thermalling. This would be the perfect preparation for the season's competitions. If you are interested, let us know and we will send you more info. At this stage, we are aiming for January 2-5.

GIN Carrera



The Carrera is a performance wing that offers sporty handling and real-world performance in a highly accessible package.

Who is it for?

Due to advances in technology, the Carrera has a broad appeal. Experienced thermal/XC pilots—"weekend warriors"—will benefit the most from choosing the Carrera. The Carrera replaces the Tribe (EN C) in our paraglider range.

XS, S, M, L, XL

WOF 2013 / 14

With the thermalling season starting, this is a good time to do our annual WOF checks for Auckland Club paragliders. WOFs are compulsory in NZ and give you a good chance to check out your equipment early in the season. We are also doing a little BBQ, so bring some drinks and food to catch up with everyone else. Any excuse for a little party....

new GIN concertina bag


Protect your investment with the GIN concertina bag. Folding your wing using the concertina method maintains optimum performance and inflation charactertistics by maintaining the shape of the leading edge and by minimizing panel stretching and fabric abrasion.

There is an integrated pocket to secure the risers. Alternatively, the risers can be left attached to your harnesses. A flap system with buckles along 2/3rds of the length holds the wing in place neatly and integrated straps secure the folded bag.

High quality materials are used throughout, chosen for their durability and light weight. Mesh is used along the sides of the bag to promote airflow and to keep your glider as dry as possible.


2013 / 2014 dates and courses

We have put up a few dates for courses and events on our Calendar page. Please check it out regularly, as we are adding new events all the time.

Don't be shy to register your interest in any of the courses or events; they only go ahead if enough people are keen. So let me know!

Is there anything else you wuold like us to offer? It is always great to get some feedback!

GIN Lightweight Rucksack


Light rucksack


Flymaster M1 motor unit


The Flymaster M1 turns any Flymaster flight instrument into an onboard motor management system for powered aircraft.
Flymaster's M1 gathers precissely gathers information from several sensors connected to the motor, recording this data and sending it via an RF interface to Flymaster instruments.

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