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Manilla XC Course 2016


This is a 5 1/2 day XC course for PG 2 pilots with some thermalling and / or XC experience. Ideally, you have done a Wanaka or Bright course with us previously or have similar experience. This will be a fantastic opportunity to improve your XC flying and clock up some mileage. If you are keen, you would be perfectly prepared to do the NZ Nationals from the same site the week after. The Nationals start on Monday 8th February and run to the 14th.

Reuben has flown in Manilla quite a bit and knows the site and the conditions well.  


Flytec Connect 1


VARIABLE PRICE: Buy it now and get a big discount!

You are a paraglider or hang glider pilot who is used to flying away from your home site, ready to set new personal bests. You want to see airspaces along the way and strive to thermal as efficiently as possible. You‘re ready for the next step in your competition flying and need the instrument that goes along with you. 

That makes you the pilot for whom we developed the Connect 1.

Get connected

The Connect 1 is the first-ever smart vario. Just like a smart phone, it comes with a touch screen, a multitude of sensors, and a range of connectivity options. Thanks to these connectivity options, you can very easily exchange data with your Connect 1 – even without a computer.


Season 2014 / 2015 calendar up-dates

We have started to up-date our calendar page for the new season with a couple of events in there already. Please keep and eye on it. I will publish up-dates on our FaceBook page.

Annual WW party 8 August

The W&W team is celebrating a fantastic 2014 / 2015 season with a great number of new PG2 pilots, friends, pilots, club members, students, customers, current, past and future. From 7.30pm at 26 Beresford Street, Bayswater. With the often terrible weather this winter, we feel we need to warm up for a new season, get back in touch and have a chat.

Kortel Karma II



The Karma II was designed to respond to remarks concerning the Karma, namely that the weight and bulk were too high.
The Karma II meets these demands without sacrificing safety, quite the contrary. The simple solution to reduce the volume in the bag is to switch to an airbag style back protector. Unfortunately, airbags are not effective during takeoff. The Karma II is therefore equipped with a permanent airbag, the Krashbox.
The Krashbox incorporates a foam module which gives the protector its shape and volume ensuring the effectiveness of the airbag right out of the bag. In fact the Karma II has been LTF certified even without pre-inflation!


GIN Light Rucksack


Light rucksack

A 90L lightweight rucksack designed to carry all your light equipment (paraglider, harness, rescue system, helmet...). Not just for ultra-light gliders, you can easily pack your normal wing with a light harness etc. Provision has also been made for carrying mountaineering equipment, in and on the rucksack.

  • Lightweight Ripstop
  • 90L main compartment
  • 2 front zip pockets
  • one side mesh pocket
  • ice-axe holder
  • gear loop on belt
  • ergonomic 3D mesh back contact with ventilation system

GIN Yeti alpine backpack


The Yeti alpine bag is based on the rucksac designed with GIN Team pilot Aaron Durogati for the Red Bull X-Alps race. Over 500g lighter than its predecessor and with 10L more volume, the Yeti Alpine backpack is ideal for hike and fly.

> Ergonomic 3D mesh back contact, hip and shoulder straps


GIN Atlas Xalps


1kg less weight, more of everything else!

The Atlas X-Alps is the light version of the Atlas, our easy intermediate paraglider. The Atlas X-Alps is aimed at a broad range of intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing with all the benefits of our latest EPT technology. The Atlas X-Alps is suitable for regular use, travel and hike ’n fly. The combination of safety, handling and performance means you can even take it on the wildest XC adventures!

Improvements all-round

The same lightweight construction technology used in our X-Alps wings and Yeti range has led to small improvements in almost all areas. Compared to the Atlas, the Atlas X-Alps has crisper and more precise handling, easier inflation on take-off and slightly better performance. Passive safety remains outstanding compared to the level of performance. The materials have been carefully chosen for the optimum combination of lightness and durability, with more durable fabric used for areas of the most critical wear (e.g. top surface leading edge).


WorkSafe certification for Wings & Waves Ltd

Thank you to Mike for guiding / kicking us through this process. The bottomline is that all our operations are great and we have always put a lot of thought and care into our safety and processes. Now it is well documented and certified as well!  



Huge WOF night - thanks to everyone!

Reuben giving maintenance adviseReuben giving maintenance advise


This year's WOF night was a great success. Thank you to Bayswater Primary School for letting us use their grounds. 

We had perfect weather and a record turn out. Over 70 gliders were checked on the huge field by the school. More than 80 sausages were eaten!

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