Inflate your glider, a few steps and you are up in the air. Use the lift on the coastal cliffs or the thermals inland to soar high up with the birds. Easy - on a paraglider.

Over the last 20 years, paragliding has developed into an exciting, mature sport. The equipment is miles better than it ever has been - even beginner gliders allow long cross country flights.

coastal flying in Auckland - Karioitahi Beachcoastal flying in Auckland - Karioitahi Beach Auckland offers a huge variety of sites to suit most wind conditions, about 40 of them in and around town, both for thermal and cross country flying and for coastal soaring.

Depending on your level of experience, your personal preference and your flying area, you can enjoy different aspects of the sport:

Coastal Soaring

Relax in your comfortable paraglider harness, soar along the beautiful coastline of New Zealand! Maybe a spectacular sunset flight on the wild West Coast after work?


Acrobatics in the air require fantastic glider handling. Wings & Waves offers courses to practice such mannouevres in a safe environment.



flying over the Alpsflying over the Alps

Thermal and Cross Country Flying

Many pilots get the bug of thermal flying, circling in areas of rising air underneath a cumulus cloud, climbing all the way up to cloudbase. From there, glide into the distance, find another thermal to carry on to great distances. The NZ record is 147km - set by a Wings & Waves pilot, Grant Middendorf!


Once you are good at cross country flying, why not enter into some local competitions to learn from other pilots, flying along set courses and maybe qualify for more. Several Wings & Waves pilots have even done well at the World Championships!

Bivouac Flying

Imagine flying through the mountains, landing on the side of a hill, camping there, enjoying breakfast at sunrise on the mountain and launching for another flight? Some pilots have crossed the European Alps from Western France to Slovenia!



W&W flying trip to France: - Mt Blanc in the backgroundW&W flying trip to France: - Mt Blanc in the background

Travel and Fly

Visiting foreign countries and visiting tourist sites is wonderful, but now imagine joining the local pilots and flying above the scenery! Wings & Waves organises flying trips and courses to Europe and Australia and many of our pilots meet up around the world.




It does not take long to get to a point where you fly safely and confidently. First, you need to learn the basics on a training hill, then progress to soaring and thermalling. Cross Country flying is many pilot's goal, or coastal soaring, or competition flying. Others want to gain their tandem rating in order to be able to take friends and family flying or maybe to fly commercially. Wings & Waves offers you training all the way along.