For talented PG students, the GIN Atlas is the most popular paraglider and the one which lasts pilots for years on end of their flying carreer. New pilots have done 100+km with this glider and won the NZ Championship in the the class of the up-and-coming new pilot. This is one of the rare occasions where a pretty new condition Atlas become available. Go for it!!


This package comes with a new GIN Airlite harness and a Wings & Waves PG2 course


New, this package costs $8,350, this one is majorly discounted at $6,200. 

Atlas – green / pistacchio

This is the classic easy intermediate glider from GIN that has done wonders for talented nwe pilots and those pilots who have flown for a long time but want it cruisy. It's the most sold glider in NZ, I would say with so many happy customers. The new Atlas 2 is out now, so we have a couple of pilots up-grading. 


It has about 40 hrs and is in prestine nick. 


EN B, 65-85 kg all up weight. 


All details are on the Atlas 1 page

PG 2 package GIN Atlas 1 size XS

$8,350.00 Regular Price
$6,262.50Sale Price
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