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A legendary glider: Delighted the experience pilots who want safety but advanced handling and performance, simply shocked the market and the competitors with the aspect ratio, safety and performance of the first real high end EN B. Still an amazing wing to fly for experienced pilots. Now a bargain.

The most out-standing EN B glider ever made by anyone! A 6.2 aspect ratio glider with the performance of a EN C glider which is easy and relaxing to fly for XC pilots. It is the first EN B glider ever - I think anywhere in the world even - to win the Open category of the National competition. Of course, it is not suitable for low airtime EN B pilots.Like the original Carrera, the Carrera+ is for experienced performance/XC pilots.The Carrera, upgradedThe defining feature of the original Carrera was an outstanding ratio of performance to security. The Carrera+ goes even further. The wing retains its class-leading performance, yet is even more comfortable and easy to manage. You can fly with greater peace-of-mind, perform better on long XCs and land with an even bigger smile!

GIN Carrera+ M used

  • The essential new feature of the Carrera+ is the modified line set. The resulting improvements are subtle but significant. The wing handles better in rough thermals and is smoother and easier to manage in active air. As a result of the material character of the new sheathed Dyneema lines, Gin and the R&D team were able to re-trim the wing at the optimal angle of attack. The riser has also been re-designed. Groundhandling and take-off is even easier than before and Big ears is more user-friendly.

    New EN/LTF certification

    The Carrera+ has a new EN/LTF certification. Pilots should remember that any EN test report only indicates a glider’s behaviour under the standard test conditions. It does not guarantee that a particular pilot can fly the wing safely in all conditions. We always recommend to test fly gliders and choose the wing that you feel most comfortable on and that is well within your capabilities.

    Good news for pilots of the original Carrera

    Any original Carrera can be upgraded to a Carrera+ by fitting an upgrade kit, available from GIN dealers. The kit consists of replacement risers and lines. We recommend the upgrade to any Carrera pilots who wish to access these latest developments—you may be surprised!

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