Second hand, one very careful woman owner (Eva). The glider has done far too little hours due to teaching, kids, and lots of other gliders to be flown.

This is an absolutely amazing piece of equipment in my view: EN B with 6.2 aspect ratio and so many advantages of a high performance glider and an EN B glider combined. It is one out of a box design and will certainly be leading a new line of glider design into the future. It beats very nearly all EN C gliders in performance, yet in recovery from incidents, it is an EN B.

There is a new EN C Gin glider coming out soon, so I should move this one on by end of the season.

It has about 40-50 hours. Right now, it is a Carrera, not Carrera+ set up, but easily changed.

Colour red.

Check the details on the Carrera web page!

GIN Carrera (+) size S

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