The SaK II is a reversible and removable bag-airbag designed for Kruyer II and for Karver II.

The set Kruyer II / Karver II-SaK II allows a total flexibility. In addition, if you add a front rescue, every kind of flight become possible.

It settles in 2 minutes by six points on these stands: two legs under thighs, one in the hollow lumbar vertebrae and two at the level of the back and one at the top of the back.
The addition of the SaK II improves the comfort and the precision of handling. The side triangle adds a adjustable lumbar support and a more direct action on the glider.

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  • SaK II is equipped with a door-ice axe, doors-sticks, lateral mesh pockets. Its top flap turns around in airbag position and becomes an internal pocket allowing to store some small things without interfering with the smooth running of the airbag.

    It was planned to be able to block the openings of communications between the bottom chamber and the back chamber of the airbag with simple patch of Velcro, which remain permanent on the SaK II. So the airbag can in one minute be adapted to a tandem passenger harness use, increasing still so the versatility of Karver II and Kruyer II.

    Volume of the bag around 60 liters.(enough for a well packed standard glider, easy for light glider)
    5-6 liters more inside the top flap. 
    Mesh for the helmet under the top flap.



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