PG school's life in times of Covid-19

April 21, 2020

I hope everyone is coping o.k. with our new day to day normal of isolation. 


Wings & Waves is obviously closed as such: No teaching, no flying or kiting, no shop hours.

Still, we are working from home and are here for you for info and advice, service if you can get it to me, and your huge future orders. We are working on all aspects of admin, website, online theory classes etc.


Support us to do the best job for you!

If there is any equipment you would like now or in the future, please email Eva about it, so we can research and import what you want. We will need all the support you can offer in future. What would you like us to import? What are you looking at buying? What gear do we not offer which you'd like to have?


Right now, we have a substantial value of new equipment stranded in the freight forwarding systems around the world; gear we had ordered and paid and that was shipped, yet never made it to NZ. We are hoping it will pop up one day, of course. Tracking info and scans simply stopped in hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore; one shipment had a last export scan in Milan, Northern Italy. Well, those guys have bigger issues on their hands; I am sure a box of paragliding equipment gone missing is the last thing on their mind. 


Full time NZ schools will have a very hard time to stay afloat during this level 4 time, and to restart operating once we are allowed to. Those with part time schools and other jobs and incomes may be lucky to have a safe income elsewhere. Those may want to consider being kind to their full time colleagues and helping them out, rather than competing with them when we can operate again. 

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