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Eva Keim | 11 x NZ champ paragliding

Eva Keim

NZ Champion 2020

NZ Champion 2019

NZ Champion 2018

NZ Champion 2016
NZ Champion 2015

NZ Champion 2011

NZ Champion 2010

NZ Champion 2009

NZ Champion 1997
NZ Champion 1995

NZ Champion 1994

1st woman Canungra Cup, Australia
winner of the Team trophy Canungra Cup 2012, with GIN team
NZ Champion 2011 and best ever placed woman in the men's ranking (4th)

1st woman Canungra Cup 2010

Team Trophy winner 2010 Canungra Cup
Winner of the 2010 Rotorua Open
Winner of the 2010 Nelson Open
2009 Women's XC Champion

6th woman World Championships Japan 1995 (highest ranked Kiwi)

Chief flying instructor PG, PPG and kite surfing, director of Wings & Waves Ltd.
ph +64 21 727 013


Eva started paragliding in the late 1980s in Austria. after spending her youth competiting internationally in athletics and handball.  Together with Reuben, she completed her PG1 to PG3 equivalent ratings in record time. Not all that long after she ended up teaching at the same school, later in other high profile schools around Europe to gain instructor experience from the best.

During NZ winters, Eva works with some of the best European schools and instructors to develop the best, safest and most successful teaching methods, a combination of the high European standards and own developments to cater for NZ conditions. For some years, she spent 3-5 months of the year flying in Europe, flying tandems in the Southern French Alps and running XC courses for our NZ customers.  

Due to this experience and her good connection to overseas paragliding organisations, she has been appointed "Training Manager" for the NZ Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association several times in the past, her job being to try to develop, raise and control the teaching standards in NZ paragliding schools. That is not an easy task as there seems some resistance to get into line with the rest of the world. 

For several years Eva flew Paragliding competitions and had some remarkable results: 6th Lady at the World Championships (best Kiwi at the World Champs), National Team Member 5 years running, NZ Team Leader World Championships, NZ Woman's Distance Record, Auckland Distance Record (Male and Female), 11 times NZ Champion, 4th at the Men's NZ Championships.


With 2 kids, a household and a business to run, competition flying has been pushed to the side a little, but she still gets good placing in the few races she does get to do, such as consecutive 10th, 4th and 2nd place in the men's races (1st woman in all of those) at the Nationals in Rotorua 2014.

These days, she concentrates on developing training courses for Wings & Waves, both in NZ and overseas, many of them run with top international instructors and running the business. That way Wings & Waves ensure keeping up with international top standards and continuously learning. 

Kite surfing has turned into a family sport for Eva's family, with her son Lukas turning into a competition kiter at 13 and now a Team rider for Ozone Kites and Axis Kiteboards. Speed flying is another new passion of hers, with 2 intense season speed riding at Ruapehu, pioneering speed riding in NZ with French legend Francois Bon. 

A blast from the past

This was Eva's first NZ Championship title in 1994. From memory, it was also her first competition ever.

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