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service and repair – at it's best and affordable

expert repairs for kites and paragliders

It's not just some guy with a sewing machine in his garage: Reuben is a long qualified sailmaker who made the sails for a bunch of Amerca's Cup and Around the World Race boats, then tuned his skills into paragliders and kites when we worked for manufacturers in Europe, both in production and design.

We are the only importer / school to offer quality and qualified in-house repair and warranty work, certified by all our brands to do their work on their behalf on the spot.


He is also safety officer for the Auckland region and in charge of WOFs for paragliders.

Kites and paragliders are not really that expensive to fix given the right skills and equipment. Typically, we can give you a good estimate of the repair cost before we start, saving you bad surprises and enabling you to decide whether you want to go ahead.

Wings & Waves is the only out-fit in NZ certified by all our manufacturers to be the official service provider and warranty loft in New Zealand. That saves you huge amounts of money and time in sending your gear overseas. Overseas "warranties" to fix damages to gliders for free, are worth little if you have hundreds of dollars postage and weeks to wait.

We offer in-house in Auckland:
  • certified repairs and patches of all sizes on paragliders, kites and accessories

  • WOF checks for paraglididers and harnesses

  • reserve repacks

  • certified major repairs including repairs and exchanges of major part of the glider or kites

  • custom alterations on harnesses and other equipment

  • custom designs of harnesses, but also boat covers etc when we have the time

  • line checks, replacements and repairs

  • custom logos on gliders

  • assessments for insurance companies

  • time saving, customer friendly assessment of warranty issues

  • warranty repairs and exchanges for those brands we import

  • priority service for our customers and our brands

Reuben is the expert, ask him! Sometimes, a photo of the damage emailed to us can help assess the damage and repair costs.

ph 0274-727 013 or

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