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Reuben Muir 2016 NZ Paragliding Champion

Reuben Muir

NZ Champion 2016
NZ Champion 2014

No 1 ranked pilot in NZ

Winner of Rotorua Open 2014
2nd at Nelson Open 2014

Winner of part 2 NZ nationals 2012
2nd at NZ Championships 2012

No 1 ranked NZ pilot 2011 and 2012
2nd NZ Nationals 2010
Team Trophy winner 2010 Canungra Cup
Winner of the 2006/2007 NZ Championships

1st Place 1997 NZ Championships
1st Place 1997 New Caledonian Open

Reuben Muir

Chief flying instructor PG, PPG and kite surfing, director of Wings & Waves Ltd.
ph +64 274 727 013


Reuben has sailed competitively since childhood, both in NZ and overseas. He has been a member of 3 NZ America's Cup campaigns, both as a sailor and a sailmaker.


Once paragliding became his passion, he instructed in the most reputable schools in Europe and also worked for several leading European paragliding manufacturers in their development and manufacturing departments.

When it comes to know-how on PG and kiting equipment and materials, Reuben is the one who can give you first hand information which is based on a solid background in the sailing/sail making and paragliding industry.

Kitesurfing is his latest passion. He was one of the first kiters in Auckland, for a long time the lone kiter in Shoal Bay on the North Shore, back when kites were rather un-refined and dangerous. After watching the sport develop while he was in Europe, he has found the perfect kit for NZ conditions and since has been known to be out kitesurfing whenever it is too windy for paragliding. He has been teaching kite surfing right from when the sport started and developed the great, intense training courses, perfect for our conditions.

Reuben is an amazing paraglider pilot, who handles a paraglider better than most pilots. His competition results above give a bit of impression where he is at - and that for nearly 30 years consistently. When he sets his mind to it, he flies extremely well in the Nationals. He has been in the top 10 pretty much every year since about 1997. Three times now, he has won the National title. In 2015, he did the impossible: He won every single class of the Nationals on a EN B glider, the mighty GIN Carrera, one of the most amazing glider designs in the history of paragliding, beating all higher rated gliders and pilots. No one has ever achieved this before, not in NZ, and as far as I know, no where else in the world!

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