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intermediate course – PG2 license

fly solo - anywhere and anytime!

Our beginner paragliding course has most people well and truly addicted to paragliding. Now it is time to get into the sport properly, to accumulate all the skills and experience you need to be a safe, competent and confident solo pilot. 

Our intermediate course leads you to the New Zealand PG2 rating, which allows you to fly solo pretty much anywhere in NZ and overseas by un-supervised. We include an international license (IPPI card international pilot proficiency identification) for your travel and for easy transfer to other countries ratings.

We can cover the minimum requirements for a PG2 rating in about 10 days. Students typically take anywhere from 10 to 20 training days to get a broad experience of paragliding, longer if you or your instructor  feel you need to accumulate more confidence or competence. The time depends on how frequently you come out flying, the weather, how fit you are, how many flights you do during each day. For us, the important factor is that you learn everything you need to fulfil the requirements of the PG2 rating, but more importantly, that you learn what it takes to be a good, safe and confident pilot. We have a reputation to look after: Wings & Waves students leave the school at an exceptional level of skill and confidence which allows them to achieve the goals they set for themselves as paraglider pilots.


Your goal may be to safely enjoy wonderful evening flights after work on the coast or at your local site or to travel the world to see the most beautiful places on the globe from the air, to fly on weekends with friends, to join our NZ and overseas trips with a bunch of fun pilots, to become a successful cross country pilots, or even join the most successful competition team in NZ ever, the Wings & Waves comp team. It's entirely up to you! 


Included in the course are for instance

  • a minimum of 40 solo flights under expert radio instructions

  • total of at least 150 min flight time - but usually our students do a lot more than this

  • flying at 4 different flying sites to expand your skills of launching and landing in different conditions.

  • flying in different conditions: light wind and strong wind to learn to adjust your techniques and decision making

  • reverse launches and forward launch techniques

  • top landings

  • descent techniques

  • wing overs

  • big ears

  • speed bar 

  • Wings & Waves exclusive on-line log book and progression tool, to help you and us to optimise your training

  • Wings & Waves PG2 theory lessons both online, in person and recordings for those who live further away

  • exclusive to Wings & Waves pilots: advanced tandem instructions with NZ Champ pilots

  • Only with WW you learn to the latest NZ and internationals standards and techniques

  • free use of practicing glider and small gliders to maximise your training days and your practice in between lessons

  • discounts on many other PG items from our shop for those who do PG2 package deals with us

The full list of PG2 requirements are on the new 2020 PG2 form which is attached. These are the minimum requirements. WW teaches well beyond these to ensure our students are well equipped for safe and fun flying after our course.


We use different flying and teaching sites around Auckland, all beautiful, wonderfully scenic, especially when you get to experience them from our privileged point of view, from the sky. They are located within an hour of the city.


Every day, we pick the ideal site according to the wind and weather conditions on the day to give you the best and safest experience. We ultimately decide in the morning, which site to use and times to meet.  Call us at 9am in the morning! It best if you are flexible to travel to increase your chance for a great day out. 

Many sites are rather remote, so please make sure to be organised for a day with food and lots of drink. Wear comfy clothing according to the temperatures; most essential is good footwear of hiking boots or well treaded sports shoes and a wind-breaking jacket, plus sun protection.

Once you book, we will send you a more details info sheet about your day.

As much as we put a lot of effort into teaching each student according to their own strengths and challenges, we cannot guarantee a license sign off at the end of the course. Safety and competence are the deciding factors, and the assessment happens solely at the instructors' decision. 

days to fly

We teach and fly both on weekdays and on weekends, every day the conditions suit, nearly all year long. Only in July, which is typically the worst month of the year with muddy paddocks and changeable weather which makes it too hard to get a full and valuable day teaching in. Simply call us or email us to book a time or to discuss the options.

Ring at 9am any day to find out what we can do on the day and where and when to meet. Typically, we leave town at about 10am.

costs – immersion course

Most people usually do the PG2 course in a package deal with new or second hand equipment. This makes most sense and is most economical. Package deals range from about $5,00+ for second hand glider and harness, including all instructions. Package deals new, latest model gliders and harnesses are from about $8,625 for top of the line latest new EN A glider (ideal option for most pilots) or $10,500 for top end EN B glider (not always suitable, but great performance). Packages include glider +  harness + back protector and PG2 instructions for 4 months, including theory, practical, only quizzes, online log book and progression chart.


This version of an 'immersion' PG2 course with as many course days as you can cram into 4 months, definitely offers the best schooling and the best value for money for you. More so, from a safety point of view, you simply learn a lot more than in a course of limited flights or limited days which increases your competence immensely which is a much safer way to train than short and sharp courses. 

We offer some special packages to students.

costs – 12 days course only

If you have limited time and don't buy a glider from us, we can offer you 12 training days PG2 course for $3,000 prepaid or $255 per day on your own equipment or $3,500 prepaid including rental equipment for the 12 days. This is a minimum course and we can't predict whether you will be able to finish the PG2 course in this time or not. It's at the instructor's discretion to sign your PG2 requirements and competence off. 

" I think you guys are doing a great job in bringing people together! I just thought about it yesterday, everyone with a GIN wing is generally really friendly and open, and its good to get to know other pilots from early on, even if your a novice and probably more a burden than a help to the others, more experienced.. Your school seems to be a club rather than a school sometimes, with lots of people sticking around and becoming friends. For me that was one reason to learn with you, because I was looking for a friendly and welcoming group to fly with as well. 

Another bonus is that you can start any time, but I think that's obvious already. I also quite like that we were a mixed group of bloody beginners and some more experienced students, so you can ask questions or exchange experiences, and I felt like it sped the learning up a lot since you can watch better people both doing well and failing." 

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PG2 rating form

click to download the PDF document to show you the minimum PG requirements. Don't let the detail put you off: It's all broken up into perfect learning steps in the WW course

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