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Teaching paragliding is what is close to the heart of the Wings & Waves Team. Join the NZ Champion team! This is how it all started for us and we are still as passionate about teaching flying as we were some 30 years ago when we opened the school. With all that experience since, plus the constant new input from our youngsters, plus constant checking of overseas developments, coupled with more instructors on the hill on any given schooling day, makes Wings & Waves your best choice of paragliding school. Read more why to learn with Wings & Waves

Auckland has the most amazing variety of sites, 40 of them: Wonderful West Coast and Easy Coast soaring sites, inland thermal sites and some fabulous XC sites. Check out Leighton's video showing a bunch of them. Our most frequently used sites are listed on our site page.

Wings & Waves is the only paragliding school with a WorkSafe safety management plan.

All our courses are carefully structured to give every learner the best experience, in the safest and most supportive environment possible. With our team of 4 qualified instructors, we are the only school who can cater for all levels any day.

Attractive Gift Vouchers are available for all courses.

"I started off flying with another school but I was not overly impressed with their teaching. So I stopped flying till another friend wanted to also fly a year later. So we both went to wings and waves and the team there are great!They all have different teaching methods and adapt to their students. They offer a very good variety of sites to fly from giving you a good taste and experience of what is to come and where you can go later on. I highly recommend them as great teachers and a great bunch that you will end up being long term flying friends with."

Ross Rixon

16 August 2016

FaceBook review

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courses for visitors and refreshers


courses for visitors and refreshers

refresher Course

If you haven't flown for a while, if you are not used to NZ or Auckland conditions, if you have new equipment or you simply feel that there are a few more things you would like to add to your box of tricks, we recommend you join us for 3 days of instructions. This learning time can be spend as you like, we will customise the course to you entirely. Often pilots ask us for some of the skills below to be taught, but you can ask us for any other bit.s

  • learn to reverse launch in strong conditions

  • learn different modern reverse launch techniques such as assymetric launching

  • learn to thermal or thermal more efficiently

  • improve your soaring skills and flying with other gliders in the air

  • forward launching in light winds

  • reverse launching skills in strong wind

  • get some supervised airtime

  • get to know the Auckland flying sites


This course is $450 for 3 days, with your own equipment. $600 with equipment supplied.

The course comes free with any new glider purchase through Wings & Waves.

These instructions are available any time we are teaching and the weather suits. Book now!

guided flying / soaring skills

If you are a qualified pilot of PG2 / intermediate level, you are new to the area, a visitor from overseas or out of town and you would like to be at the right flying site, have a good day flying, get some pointers. We will give you weather brieifings, site briefings, a radio for in-flight pointers, a debrief, a ride to the site from Bayswater or somewhere practical.

  • site briefing

  • weather briefing

  • some launch assistance if needed

  • radio for in-flight pointers


This course is $150 per day, with your own equipment. $200 if you would like us to supply equipment. 

The course comes free with any new glider purchase through Wings & Waves.

These instructions are available any time we are teaching and the weather suits. Book now!

conversion course

For pilots from overseas, who have a foreign licence equivalent to NZ PG2 / intermediate rating or at least all the skills required, we can help you achieve your NZ rating without much hassle. 

  • PG 2 exam at our office or at the site

  • access to on-line quizz for test preparation

  • VFR papers

  • VFR (Visual Flight Rules) exam at our office or at the site

  • 1 day instruction and assessment for PG2

  • rating conversion to NZ PG2 or other rating


$240 per person. We can usually do this nearly any day the weather suits. Book now!

guided flying / soaring skills

if you want to fly around Auckland and New Zealand? Are you new to the country and want to get an intro into NZ flying, some site info, the NZHGPA license, advise on your flying trip. If you usually fly in mountains, an intro to coastal soaring and some expert advise on coastal soaring may help, too.

  • for pilots who have a valid NZ or overseas license

  • site introduction

  • weather advise

  • instructions on coastal soaring 

  • reverse launching techniques from the experts

  • transport to the site from town can be arranged as well. There may be a small extra charge

  • any other instructions you may need


$450 for 3 days / per person. We can arrange group prices and different lengths of time. Contact us to work out what suits best for you. Such courses are easier for us during the week than on the weekend and we may be able to give you a group discount.


We can usually do this nearly any day the weather suits. The best time of the year is usuall January to April. Book now!

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