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flight skills

big ears

Quick guide to remind you of the steps to do big ears + speed bar. The combination of both is always the preferred way to do the manoeuvre to maximise stability, sink rate and forward speed. 

Pulling big ears adds drag, can increase the angle of attack, so half speed bar 

- watch where you are going
- put your hands through the breaks
- get your foot ready on the speed bar
- put your hands on the inside of the outside A line, plams out
- ensure you use the outside A lines, not the stabiliser line!
- pull sideways down, holding by the shackles
- pull down one at a time, the outside one if you are near the ridge first
- push speed bar
- to release, simply let the ears go
- back off the speed bar

"I offered a big day paragliding to my friend and he totally enjoyed it!! A great way to learn basics and at the end of the day you can take off and land by yourself, amazingly quick. Tandem flight was a nice experience too, stunning. Eva and Reuben are always available for answering questions and do their best for you to have the most enjoyable experience."

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