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stage 2 - get on the board


This lesson is aimed at those who have done the stage 1 course, are confident with their kite handling and are keen to take kite boarding further.

what you will do

Building on your kite handling and body dragging skills learnt during the intro course, you will first brush up on body dragging with larger kites and soon practise how to use the power of a 4-line kite to get onto the board.

You will learn to water-start, power up, stop, control your speed and the kite, water re-launch.


We teach you all the techniques required to get boarding.

We supply the board, kites from 2-16sqm to suit the conditions, the harness, the instructor for all lessons.


We use different kiting and teaching sites around Auckland.


Every day, we pick the ideal site according to the wind and weather conditions on the day to give you the best and safest experience. We ultimately decide on the site and times to meet at 9.30am in the morning.

Our favourite teaching beaches are Shoal Bay on the North Shore in Bayswater for the prevailing SW wind and Cheltenham beach for all easterly directions.  These beaches offer great safe teaching, large shallow areas and the good conditions. 

We also go to Point Chev if the wind is the from the W or NW or sometimes to Shakespear Park if it is southerly. 

Be flexible to make the most out of your day! Bring some lunch and drink if case we hang around for good conditions. 

days to kite

We teach and kite both on weekdays and on weekends, every day the conditions suit, nearly all year long. Simpy call us or email us to book a time or to discuss the options.

Ring at 9.30am to find out what we can do on the day and where and when to meet.


$250 per person. All equipment use is included. Bring your own wet suit and booties of rent them for $10. 

Book now by email or use our page to request a booking.

Is this for a friend or a "present to self"? Order a gift voucher!

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