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Special for kids 2017

There isn't a better kitesurfing instructor than Lukas for young kids: He started kiting at the young age of 10 himself, kited all through his school years, is now 21 and teaching his 14 year old sister Mia and friends - besides earning his money with teaching adults as the main kiting instructor at Wings & Waves Ltd.

For these holidays, Lukas would like to offer the opportunity to other young kids. 

Our peninsula is perfect for learning kiting. With Shoal Bay in Bayswater and Cheltenham Beach in Devonport, we have probably the best flat water learning site in the country. They are safe and easy and close to home. 

Wings & Waves has been teaching kiting ever since the sport started in NZ. Lukas benefits from 11 years of kiting himself, but also 20 odd years of experience in our school.

Check out the details for the stage 1 lesson and stage 2 lesson on the dedicated webpages.

Email us if you have questions or call Lukas on 021-029 04787 or the office on 09-446 0020.

The small print


This is a special for kids in secondary schools. Please bring your school ID. 

Lessons are usually $180 per person. 

The $100 per person special is for a group of 2-4 kids. You can organise your own group or check with Lukas if he can put you together with other. The price does not apply to a 1:1 lesson. For those, Lukas offers a $25 discount during the holiday period, weekdays only.

All kiting equipment is supplied. Please bring your own long wet suit if you have one. Rentals are $10 extra.

All kids under 18 need their parents written consent. We have a form for this. Please email us for to organise this or to book.

Or perhaps the parents want to learn together with their kids?!? How about that?! Lukas' mum always hugely enjoyed having a joined sport and passion with Lukas, especially during teenage times.

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