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the dream team – at your service

Learning with the best team is the most essential decision about your flying career.  At Wings & Waves we combine talents, 20 (!) NZ Champion titles, expertise, experience, and equipment that you can't get anywhere else, neither in NZ, nor overseas in a safe environment with plenty of great history.

With 3 fully qualified instructors, 2 assistant instructors for paragliding and an experienced yet young team for kiting, we offer the best instructions to achieve your goal of becomig a competent kiter or paraglider pilot in the safest and fun way possible. 

Reuben Muir – instructor / director of Wings & Waves 

The man with so many talents: amazing pilot with 3 NZ Champion titles to his name, the most patient instructor ever, best service / repair person in NZ, talented kiter and sailor, America's Cup sailmaker. > read more

Eva Keim – instructor / director of Wings & Waves 

Passionate pilot and instructor with 11 women's NZ Champion titles to her name who goes flying whenever job and kids allow, specialised in international teaching standards, safety monitoring, advanced training and trips, imports. Eva can also teach in German. > read more

Lukas Keim – instructor / kiting superstar

The cooler and younger version of the other WW instructors, Lukas has been flying since he was about 5, has been NZ kiteboarding Junior Champ a couple of times and has been teaching tennis, kiting and flying since a very young age. He is simply a natural.  Lukas can also teach in German. > read more

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