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intro course paragliding

This is a full and exciting day to learn the basics of paragliding, challenge yourself, have a beautiful day out in nature and decide if you want to carry on paragliding.


You spend the morning with


  • sign up as a student member to the NZHGPA

  • weather briefing

  • safety briefing

  • learning about equipment

  • pre flight check

  • ground handling a paraglider

  • launching

  • bunny hopping - small flights skimming the ground to simulate take off, flight and landing.


If you progress as expected, feel up to it and the conditions suit, we aim for a couple of solo flights from the top of the ridge down to the beach. Should the conditions be too strong for you or you are not confident enough, we may take you for a tandem flight with the instructor instead. 

This makes for a big and an amazing day of new experience and gives you a fabulous in-sight of paragliding at its best.

days to fly 

We teach most of the year, most days of the week. Weekends are always on, weather dependent. We teach most weekdays during the season, as soon as 3 students are keen to go, which is the case most flyable days. This way, our student have the maximum chance to make the most out of summer and all good weather days and are able to finish their courses soon, with optimum progression due to currency. 

Please call us to discuss days that suit, or your group. 


We use different flying and teaching sites around Auckland, all beautiful, wonderfully scenic, especially when you get to experience them from our privileged point of view, from the sky.

For the first day course, we use our wonderful and ever so perfect training site on private land near Maioro, accessible from Karioitahi Beach. This is South of Auckland on the West Coast, near the town of Waiuku, about an hour South of downtown. 


This site is perfect for all beginner to advanced teaching, due to easy access, the safety it offers, the soaring, top landing and ground handling opportunity it offers. There isn't another site in NZ which offers quite the same training opportunity in one place. 


to book in, either call us - best is 9am any day - with your full names, phone numbers and body weights.

On the day you have booked for, please call at 9am to check on the weather and where and when to meet. Should the conditions on the day not suit your course, we will rebook for another day. 

You can call us the day before to get an idea of the weather and likely timing for the day. 


The one day intro course is $309 per person. 
If you carry on to PG1 with in 14 days, this price comes off your PG1 course fee.

Please ready the info about the first day flying prior to your day out. Our sign up sheet and risk disclosure are on this page. 


"I offered a big day paragliding to my friend and he totally enjoyed it!! A great way to learn basics and at the end of the day you can take off and land by yourself, amazingly quick. Tandem flight was a nice experience too, stunning. Eva and Reuben are always available for answering questions and do their best for you to have the most enjoyable experience."

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