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intro course – one day

what you will do

This beginner paragliding course offers an amazing introduction to paragliding: A fun, challenging, safe day out, learning some of the basics of paragliding.

After a weather and safety briefing, you will start by learning

  • about the essential parts of the equipment

  • how to set up

  • pre-flight check

  • how to inflate

  • control the glider on the ground

  • launch forwards

  • steer the glider

  • land gently and safely


All this in a safe environment, under expert supervision while initially firmly on the ground. We expect about 2 hours ground handling.

Once these first steps are mastered, you may progress to small practice flights, getting the hang of turning and landing, just skimming the ground.


Depending on your progress as well as the conditions on the day, later in the day after lunch, we can take you either for a tandem instructional flight, or perhaps a couple of easy solo flights.

You will be amazed how soon you can progress!


We use different flying and teaching sites around Auckland, all beautiful, wonderfully scenic, especially when you get to experience them from our privileged point of view, from the sky. The most frequently used site is Karioitahi Beach, South of Auckland on the West Coast. It is the first site on the list of teaching sites. All sites are located within an hour of the city.


Every day, we pick the ideal site according to the wind and weather conditions on the day to give you the best and safest experience. We ultimately decide in the morning, which site to use and times to meet.  Call us at 9am in the morning! It best if you are flexible to travel to increase your chance for a great day out. 

Many sites are rather remote, so please make sure to be organised for a day with food and lots of drink. Wear comfy clothing according to the temperatures; most essential is good footwear of hiking boots or well treaded sports shoes and a wind-breaking jacket, plus sun protection.

Once you book, we will send you a more details info sheet about your day.

days to fly

We teach and fly both on weekdays and on weekends, every day the conditions suit, nearly all year long. Only in July, which is typically the worst month of the year with muddy paddocks and changeable weather which makes it too hard to get an full and valuable day teaching in. Simply call us or email us to book a time or to discuss the options.

Ring at 9am to find out what we can do on the day and where and when to meet. Typically, we leave town at about 10am.


The one day intro course is $309, including paragliding equipment, per person. Book now or ask your questions!

Is this for a friend or a "present to self"? Order a gift voucher!

"I offered a big day paragliding to my friend and he totally enjoyed it!! A great way to learn basics and at the end of the day you can take off and land by yourself, amazingly quick. Tandem flight was a nice experience too, stunning. Eva and Reuben are always available for answering questions and do their best for you to have the most enjoyable experience."

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