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beaches we use for kitesurfing training

Auckland is lucky have an abundance of beaches around the city which are great for kiting. So far, only few areas exclude kiters. At some beaches, we have battled with council members and residents to keep them open to kiters despite some thinking they should be closed due to safety issues with other beach users. Please help to make sure there aren't any accidents by keeping a safe distance from the actual beach and from other beach goers at all times! 

While we kite at many beaches, only some are suitable for teaching and training. Below are the beaches we meet at regularly. 

Shoal Bay – Bayswater

This shallow bay is one of the safest learner beaches in Auckland and works well in our pervailing SW wind. You need to be in the water a couple of hours either side of high and low tide. Your instructor will let you know when to meet. Don't be late; you will run out of good time in the water otherwise. While the instructor can wait for you, the tide won't. 

Beginners are advised to stay on the upwind side of the sandbar and avoid the deeper channel with stronger tides. Still, not all that much goes wrong in Shoal bay, it is very safe. In the worst case, kiters tend to end up in a muddy area or some magroves. 

Click here for a GoogleMaps location in Lansdowne Street, Bayswater.

Cheltenham Beach – Devonport

Cheltenham Beach is great for most easterly directions. The sandy ground makes walking out easy. 

Make sure that you stay about 50m or 2 line lengths away from the beach for safety reasons. Also, please always stay away from other beach users which can be plentiful at Cheltenham. 

Click here for a GoogleMaps location. We usually meet at the end of Matai Road, Devonport. 

Point Chevalier

Northwesterly and Westerly winds can be good at Point Chev. It's a big shallow area which gives plenty of space to many beginner kiters.

Click here for a GoogleMaps location. We usually meet at the end of Walker Road, in Eric Armishaw Park, Point Chev.

Shakespeare Park – Whangaparoa

Southerly wind can be good at Shakespeare Park. 

Click here for a GoogleMaps location. We usually meet at the end of the car park in Te Harui Bay, just before the gate to the camp ground. 

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