safety policy

Wings & Waves is committed to


a)    Preventing any harm and serious harm to staff, learners, contractors and visitors.

b)    Making the learning environment as safe as we practically can for staff, participants and visitors.

c)    Operating at best practice standards based both on NZ and international standards.

d)    Compliance to Health and Safety regulations, NZHGPA and CAA regulations and other relevant regulations.

e)    Ensuring that all staff is committed to following the SMS and act safely.

f)     Continually improving health and safety management and safety operations.

g)    Active participation in organisational safety at regional and national level.

h)    Best national and international practice are our guidelines, ensuring we adjust to our local conditions, environment and changes.


In meeting these commitments, the directors of Wings & Waves Ltd.


a)    Provide a healthy and safe workplace, safe equipment and proper materials

b)    Identify and manage all hazards and risks

c)     Establish and insist upon safe practices at all times

d)    Accurately report and record workplace incidents

e)    Comply with all relevant legislations, regulations and codes of practice

f)     Involve staff in the development of health and safety systems

g)    Invite feedback on, and regularly review safety systems and performance, in order to continuously improve health and safety management

h)    Require all staff to take personal responsibility

i)      Provide on-going training and feedback

j)      Encourage no blame culture.

Health and Safety goal


Our goal is to avoid all incidents where possible, and avoid any serious harm incidents in each year.

This signed statement of Policy will be displayed at all work locations. It confirms our commitment to making the company’s workplaces safe and healthy for all our people.

Should any participant, bystander or employee ever have any issues they would like to bring up concerning either safety or our service, plesae do not hesitate to contact Eva Walton-Keim at our office or via email at

Signed by the directors of Wings & Waves Ltd



Eva Keim and Reuben John Muir 

1 November 2014

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