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PG 1 and PG2 courses, trial flights and tandems, kitesurfing courses – always!


The Wings & Waves paragliding school runs intro coursesbeginner and intermediate courses, fly tandems, run kitesurfing lessons every day, as long as the weather suits. With our team of 4 instructors, we can cater for every level of PG1 and PG2 student and all levels of kitesurfing pretty much every day. 

During the summer, we are teaching and flying nearly every weekday and definitely every weekend day. During winter, we scale it back a little and just pick the best days.

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2019 / 2020 season's courses

This will be up-dated when we schedule new events and courses. Watch this space. Perhaps subscribe to our newsletter (see link below) to ensure you are up-dated when we offer new courses.

Sat, 1 September 2019 – season opening!

The weather is improving, the days are getting longer, time to start full time teaching again for the season!
For the first 2 weekends, we offer $90 tandems for friends of our PG2 students, current and former. Please register them with us asap by email to

Sat, 30 October 2019 – first THEORY SESSION for PG2 students

26 Beresford St, Bayswater, from 11pm if we are not going flying!

This is the first of our 7 theory sessions we offer to our students, where we cover all the basic of what you need to know to become a good and safe PG2 pilot. Free for current and former WW students, for non-Wings & Waves students it is $25. 

Please indicate if you are coming.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 – annual WOF night

Once a year, Reuben, Lukas and Eva offer an opportunity for Auckland Club pilots to get free WOF checks. It's an educational and social evening with some instructions on how to look after and check your gar. Please sign up on our Facebook event.

26-31 December 2019 – North Island thermalling – 2 places left

We will pick the best North Island sites for the Xmas break and do some coastal at sites you may not even know yet, thermalling at our favourite sites, some XC if possible. We will pick the best 3 days of the holiday break. 

This course works for both PG2 pilots and for those still learning. We will have 2 instructors. Best to book asap via email

26-31 December 2019 – SPECIAL PG 1 course – book now

Usually, we close during this time, but with a bit of extra interest this year, we are offering a special holiday PG1 course. With 3-4 consecutive days, you can get fit and start something new this break! 
Tell your friends!
Best to book asap via email

17-19 January 2020 – North Island thermalling

Kaimais or Paeroas or, depending on conditions

We are taking a group of PG2 pilots for a thermalling and XC course with weather brief, site briefing, flight planning, thermal instructions, in flight coaching, debrief. Please book asap via email

16-23 February 2020 – Bright, Australia, thermalling and XC course 

The Britght trip is the annual favourite for both WW instructors as well as the students.

It is a week of fun, flying, travle, learning to thermal, learning to connect thermals and fly distance, as well as a wonderful week away with friends. It typically moves a PG2 pilot or coastal pilots to being a competent mountain and thermalling pilot. With lots of flying, briefings, de-briefings, weather and other theory sessions.

This first week of the Bright course is reserved for those pilots who are new to this, the second week - see below - for those who have other done the first week or have done Bright or Wanaka courses previously.

With course, transport from and to Melbourne Airport, van for the course, instructions, accommodation in a really nice house by the river in Bright, it is $1,250.

Express your interest asap!

We are still teaching in Auckland as per usual during this time. 

21-28 February 2020 – Bright, Australia MASTERCLASS 

This course is for those who have previously done our Bright course or our Wanaka Course and want to build on this. We will do less of the local stuff and thermalling technique lessons and more XC and kms. We will do 7-10 days depending on the interest. 

With course, transport from and to Melbourne Airport, van for the course, instructions, accommodation in a really nice house by the river in Bright, it is $1,250. or $1900 for both weeks in Bright.

Express your interest asap - so I can get a gauge on how many want to do which course.

Easter 2020, 9-13 April – Paeroas, Kaimais etc

We are offering some coaching and teaching during the Easter holidays. Lukas will teach in Auckland Friday, Sat and Sun before he heads off to Italy on Monday for the kite World Championships. 

Reuben and Eva will take pilots inland flying to the Paeroas and Kaimais. Please make sure to make contact well in time and be ready to go flying and camping for a few days. 

European summer 2020 - XC in the best spots in the Alps

We are looking forward to this one: 2 weeks of flying in the European Alps, where ever the weather is best, picking the best sites every day, picking the perfect flight plan every day, enjoying the amazing scenery, the flying, but also food and wine and everything else. After 30 years (OMG, I am must be old...) of flying in Europe most NZ summers, I know a good place or two which I would love to share with you. 

This course is only for PG2 pilots who do not need much supervision during the flight, launch and landings, as it will be all about improving your XC skills, having fun, flying off into the distance and perhaps landing together somewhere some distance away. You will get good site and weather briefings, coaching from Lukas and Eva in the air, debriefs and lots of valuable tips. We have lovely Jan as our driver, so we don't even need to worry about retrieves.

We will only take one vehicle full of pilots, be flexible with our itinerary and follow the best weather. 

A bunch of people has been quick and booked in already, so do not delay putting your name down asap!

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