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ready to fly – before you come out

decide on a course 

Once you have picked a course, please book and pay via the website or get Eva to send you an invoice recording what you signed up to and giving you the bank details etc. 

Call Eva or Reuben if you have any questions about the courses and which one suits you best. Please contact Reuben on 0274-727 013 or Eva on 021-727 013.

read up and prepare

Our info leaflet gives you all the info you need to have for your first day paragliding. You can download the PDF with info for your flying day.

sign up

We need all your details and your agreement to the risk disclosure form before you can come out flying. Please fill out this sing up form before you come out and send it to you. Alternatively, you can bring a hardcopy (ideally double sided) on your first day flying. We prefer to have all the paperwork done before, so we can focus on the fun on the day. 

PG1 and beyond – NZHGPA sign up

If you are doing more than a trial tandem flight or a Oneday course, such as a PG1 or PG2, you need to sign up to the NZHGPA as a student member or a full member prior to your first day flying.


Please use this link to the NZHGPA to sign up, It's $30 - to the NZHGPA. Please send a confirmation of the membership to us. 

PG1 booklet

We have developed a PG1 booklet to help our students navigate through PG1, covering all theory and requirements and related info. Please ask for it on your first day of flying with us. 

PG2 online log book and quizzes

We have developed an comprehensive online log book with progression chart, pilot info, instructor feedback and online quizzes to help you keep on track with your course and to prepare for the PG2 tests. This is an amazing tool, developed with our clever pilot Joe Ward. It is unique in NZ and the PG world and priceless!

Please ask Eva to sign you up for it once you start your PG2 training. 

get onto our student WhatsApp group

time to get flying: Ask Eva asap to send you the link to our students WhatsApp group so you get our updates on where and when we go flying and where and when to meet!

car pool – safe the environment and your finances

Ask for rides to the site on the WhatsApp group. Please move to private chats with the details of you arrangements, so our student group makes it easy to focus on the flying arrangement on the day. Always contribute petrol money, please, no matter who gives you a ride. 

book in

to book you in for any specific dates, please book in with your full name and body weight. If it has been a while, please remind us how many days of training you have already done and your body weight and what gear you need.

It's always worth letting us know on the day, but especially for weekends which look good for flying or training, it is much easier for us to cater for everyone, if we know beforehand how many of you are keen. 

any questions – call us!

Eva 021727013 or Reuben 0274727013. Best is to ring 9am-10am, after that we could be out teaching. 

info flying day

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