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Lukas Keim

2024 Olympian athlete!

2022 NZ Champion kite foiling
2021 NZ Champion kite foiling
2020 NZ Champion kite foiling
2019 Bronze medal winner kite foiling team event European Championships with Justina Kitchens 
Winner EN C Class 2019 NZ Paragliding Championships
5th equal over all
2018 Winner EN B class 
NZ Paragliding Championships
2014 NZ Junior kitesurfing freestyle Champion
OzoneKite team rider
Axis kiteboarding team rider

paragliding instructor
tandem pilot
chief kite surfing instructor
Screenshot 2024-06-30 at 10.41.40.png

Lukas has been around teaching and instructing since he was born, or actually even before he was born. He started flying and kitesurfing earlier in his life than most.

Over the years, he has travelled to Europe where he has been passenger to test pilot (and ex-world Champion) Hausi Bollinger testing tandem gliders, has been testing kites with GinKites in France, flown some amazing XC flights through the French Alps, done an SIV course in Austria and hung out at some of the best schools in Europe. This is more than most of the weathered NZ instructors have done in a lifetime.

He was 2014 NZ Junior Champion kitesurfing when he won this competition in Christchurch. He is now aiming for some bigger competitions. He is sponsored by OzoneKites and Axis Kiteboards, and Wings & Waves of course.


In 2016 he did an internship with GinGliders in Korea to learn  - first hand from the best - all about paraglider design, testing and manufacturing.

In 2024 he has achieved his goal to represent NZ and Oceania in the 2024 Olympic Games. What an amazing achievement, and every athletes' dream. 


He has an absolute natural talent for teaching, with lots of experience already from coaching tennis from a very young age, teaching kiting, assisting and solo teaching both kiting and paragliding.


He is the perfect coach if you want to learn special tricks kiting, progress from your current level of kiting or just improve your kiting. Book a coaching session with him to find out how much you can improve!

Check out the lessons Lukas offers!

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