visiting paraglider pilots

Welcome to NZ! 

40 flying sites

Auckland has an amazing variety of paragliding site. The local club lists about 40 sites around Auckland the city, some right in town, some within 30mins from the airport to the launch site. 30+ km of costal West Coast soaring on the sunset coast, Wings & Waves perfect training site, lots of bits of coast, some beautiful XC sites both North and South of the city which offer views you can't get anywhere else in the world. We list some of our training sites on the web page.

courses for visitors to NZ

With Auckland's superior choice of flying sites, the best internationally qualified instructors, 3 full time instructors and non-tourist prices, Wings & Waves is probably the best school in NZ for visitors to learn paragliding. Read about other reasons to fly with Wings & Waves and their NZ Champion team.

Auckland has endless accommodation options for all price levels. Contact us for some details. If you are in a campervan, you can perhaps even stay at the training site by the beach. 

As visitor, we would assume that you can come out flying nearly every day. That shortens your learning time immensly and your progress will be great. Can teach you a PG2 course in 10-20 teaching days. Once you have the basics done, you can travel around NZ with your gear and enjoy NZ from your very previledged point of view, from the air.  Check out all our courses

nz weather

is a little different to the bigger continents. We are a small island in a big ocean which often means that weather systems go through faster and predictions are a bit harder than on big continents e.g. in Europe or the US. Please fell free to call Eva or Reuben at Wings & Waves when you are in the Auckland area, we are happy to give you our weather advise. Eva speaks German, if that is of any help to you. 

We are also listing our preferred weather sites on our website.

NZHGPA membership

It is a legal requirement in NZ to join the NZHGPA as a visiting pilot to be allowed to fly in NZ. I know, it's un-usual for European pilots but unfortunately, like in the US and in Australia, that's the way it is in NZ. Please join the NZHGPA online - it is $50 for up to 4 months. Easiest is to pay by paypal, or by credit card. You will need to send in a copy / photo of your license. If you have trouble with this, we are happy to help you.

transferring ratings

If you come to NZ for longer than a 4 months visit, you need to be a full member of the NZHGPA and convert your home rating or license to a NZ lisence. Some international ratings are transferred to NZ, other need to sit our tests and do an assessment. We offer a conversion course to make this really easy.

3 day intro to NZ flying

If you would like a bit of a ticky tour around the Auckland or NZ paragliding sites, some intro into reading our weather, your rating transferred and some introduction into coastal flying, reverse launching et, you can do a 3 day guided flying course with us. 

Pilots who buy new equipment from us, get a free 3 day course with the gear. Often, we can also offer to send the gear back to your home country for you, free of charge.

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