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All our sports are majorly weather dependent. During our courses we teach you to read weather maps and understand what you are looking for.


Here are a few links to the weather maps we use most frequently. Failing all that, just follow Reuben who gets the weather pick right most often out of anyone we know. 

MetVuw - Victoria University Wellington

You may need a little time to get familiar with reading these maps. They are hugely useful as the data is up-dated regularly and once you are used to it, you will find them pretty accurate. One issue which catches people out is the fact that the wind vanes point to where the wind is coming from. One full bar, means 10 knots of wind, half means 5 and multiples of this. The colours indicate the amount of rain.


Wind forecast for the next 7 days. On the top of the page you can select the area the forecast is shown for. Muriwai shows you the West Coast wind north of Auckland and "Auckland West Coast" shows the further South. Takapuna shows the East Coast of Auckland.

Met Service - Recreational Marine Forecast

The recreational marine forecast devides the Auckland area into different parts - a map shows you where they are

Met Service - 3 day rain forecast

This is called a 3 day rainforecast, but it also shows quite detailed wind prediction in 3 hourly steps. It is one of the few forecasts which also predicts local sea breezes which are ignored on most larger scale forecasts. - current wind readings

This pages shows you current wind-readings at several beaches right now. You still need to get used to reading this as in some show inaccurate readings depending on the wind direction. No surprise really, as they are all arranged to show the current true wind at the specific beach. Try it, very useful.

Rasp - in depth weather forecast for experts

This pages is great for in-depth weather information of both horizontal and vertical air movement. It is not the easiest to read but with a bit of practice it helps you understand what's going ono hour to hour. Different to the other forecasts, it offers information about thermal predictions, cloudbase etc.


During our XC and thermalling courses, we teach how to use and to read them. 


Good luck until then. :-)

Ocean Fun - Tide Charts

These detailed tide charts help you pick the best time to go to your favourite beach. Be careful to select the correct beache and areas as the tide varies greatly from one to the other.

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