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Wings & Waves is the only paragliding and kiting supplier in NZ who does certified repair and warranty service in the country - that beats sending stuff overseas any day!

We also do alterations, WOFs etc. Check out our service.

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Imported to NZ and sold direct to you, makes even the top of the line gear affordable. We constantly search the world for the best qualtiy, the best equipment to suit our conditions, to suit our pilots and kiters. While we sell great gear at very competitive prices, your greatest advantage of buying from us is that we make sure you have the ideal equipment for your wishes, skills and uses, the on-going service and warranties. 

Having worked in manufacturing companies, we know what best for the job or not and what lasts longest. Call us gear nerds... no one knows equipment inside and out like Reuben. Check out why we say about Reuben and our service.

Our online shop is always a work in progress. We have a lot more on stock, and constantly add to the list. Ask us to add what you want! 


We believe in personal service, so feel free to call or visit us; more than a cheap online shop, we are a premier service provider giving the best advice. We are sure that people can try to under-cut our prices but we are certain that no one can beat our service. Making sure that each customer ends up with the gear most suitable to her  / his preferences, size, style, ability safes you money: While we always have the latest greatest on hand for you, Wings & Waves customers have better gear for a longer time, making costly neccessary up-grades far less frequent than in other schools and environments. 

great service from Eva and Reuben. Rapid delivery of online order. thanks again! Al

Alastair Hepburn

25 November, FaceBook review

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