Nov 21, 2018

ghost flying


Lukas showing if we do not mess up the wing flies.



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  • I was listening to an episode of Cloud Base Mayhem and one the people said "you shouldn't be doing cross country if you don't have a current SIV" and it got me thinking. Not as to whether he was correct or not (as a newbie I have no idea) but... As a newbie, when should I be thinking about an SIV? Straight away? After 100 hours? Before I move off an EN-A or low EN-B wing? Before I want to do a comp?
  • Sometimes I don't know how helpful I should be, taking in account I am new to the sport. Yesterday I was looking some people fly and one guy was struggling with the way he connect the wing to his harness, first I was looking and I did say nothing, but when he prepare to inflate I saw something was not right and I told to him. He checked, disconnect and connected again wrong, after a while I connected his wing to his harness for him and asked him to check everything and don't trust in what I did, he checked and took off. Later I was thinking what happened if I have connected his harness wrong and he get hurt because that, but if I did say nothing and he took off with the harness connected wrong and get hurt ? Is there a line where I should not cross on help others ? Like I should told him it was wrong but not connected for him. Cheers, Hugo Luiz
  • Hi pilots, I have done some pictures and videos with my mobile on ours training days (don't expect too much). This is the link where you can find it.!i8c2XCzb!RyVS-2DtjtYCsUse86dVtw This link is my personal Mega account, should be clean of virus, etc... Please be my guest to copy it to your computer. If something doesn't work or you can't see the picture please let me know. cheers
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