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Used in fab condition

This has been Eva's glider recently, but her knees don't handle ballast well enough to fly size M as much she loves this glider. 
It is in great condition with low hours. In it's first flight in Oz, an eagle too one front panel out which Reuben expertly exchanged immediately. 



For XC Purists

The Bonanza 2 is our new high performance Sports Class wing for XC pilots who appreciate both ease and performance.

The Bonanza 2 was born to chase the horizon. The GIN R&D team spent a lot of time perfecting the wing’s flying characteristics on the speed bar, as this is crucial for XC performance. The wing accelerates rapidly, has outstanding performance over the entire speed range and excels in turbulence and headwinds. Besides this, it is easy to fly, climbs great and is of a modern, semi-light construction.

• excellent performance over the entire speed range

• smooth inflation in all wind conditions

• very stable, especially on bar

• well-damped pitch control in strong conditions

• good climbing ability

• great passive safety compared to the level of performance


Designer notes

The original Bonanza remains one of Gin Seok Song’s favourite designs of his 40 year career. Gin believes the Bonanza 2 to be a worthy successor.


Gin explains:

“We worked more than two years on this glider and I experimented a lot with new techniques, but finally my experience led me to finish this glider as it is now. The aspect ratio and planform was fixed already at an early stage. As with our other recent wings, we spent a lot of time optimising the sail tension, 3D shaping and line materials and diameters.

Internal construction is also incredibly important for this class of glider. Most of the three cell blocks are connected with “cross-beams”, which give much better stability and performance. As a result, the glider keeps the arc, even if the speed bar is pushed to the maximum. I recommend using the speed bar as much as possible! The glider is not only very stable over the entire speed range, but the acceleration is rapid and smooth. Performance stays good as well!”


C-riser steering with Smart Risers

The Bonanza 2 also features new Smart Risers for easy pitch control. By acting not just on the C-riser but also on the B-riser, rear riser control is very even and progressive.

The flying characteristics on bar – combined with excellent climbing ability and good passive safety – make the Bonanza 2 a dream wing for pilots who want to fly far with ease.




FLAT AREA19.4m220.7m222.6m224.5m226.5m228.6m2
FLAT SPAN11.18m11.54m12.06m12.56m13.06m13.57m
FLAT A.R.6.446.446.446.446.446.44
PROJECTED AREA16.63m217.75m219.38m221.01m222.72m224.52m2
PROJECTED SPAN9.04m9.34m9.76m10.16m10.57m10.98m
PROJECTED A.R.4.924.924.924.924.924.92
CELL NUMBER717171717171
GLIDER WEIGHT  5.15kg5.3kg5.7kg 
WEIGHT IN FLIGHT60-75kg65-85kg75-95kg85-105kg95-115kg105-130kg

GIN Bonanza 2 M white

$7,200.00 Regular Price
$2,900.00Sale Price