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assessment for tandem / instructor rating

NZ rating

If you would like to fly tandems or teach in NZ, you need to gain the NZ required ratings. 


The NZHGPA recognises certain overseas tandem and instructor ratings. A list is in our OPM, section 6.3; please make sure to read the relevant pages carefully as the requirements may change. Instructors and tandem pilots are expected to know the NZ rules and regulations for paragliding well.

transfer / assessment process

I suggest you first email the NZHGPA training manager or call Eva (021-727013) or email Wings & Waves or for advice before embarking on this process.

Generally, this is how it works:

  • join the NZHGPA as a full member

  • contact the NZHGPA PG training manager

  • make yourself familiar with all NZHGPA rules regarding the rating you require, e.g. our NZHGPA operations manual section 6.2.5 "assessment process", but also all sections that apply to you as a future instructor / tandem pilot

  • the training manager will contact Wings & Waves or another assessor with your details, including

    – your name, contact details, DOB
    – overseas' rating which is required to be transferred
    – instructions on special requirements for the assessment if applicable
    – NZHGPA membership number
    – where the applicant is intended to work, if applicable
    – confirmation that the NZHGPA fee has been paid

  • Where possible, an independent assessor should do the assessment, not a future employer.

  • the applicant contacts Wings & Waves to arrange a time and date for the assessment and discuss your requirements. We teach full time except July, so it should be easy to find a suitable time. 

  • check the requirements for the assessment and please come well prepared to ensure you will pass. The forms below will list what you need to bring and what you need to do.

    OPMF45 Paragliding instructor assessment form 
    OPMF44 Paragliding tandem pilot assessment form

    OPMF33 Visual flight rule test you will need to sit
    OPMF34 VFR study guide to help you prepare

  • you will also need to sit a theory test which is not available online. It is only at PG2 / intermediate level which should be easy for instructors and tandem pilots. 

  • do the practical assessment with us and sit the tests. 

  • we will inform you and the training manager of the result of your assessment

  • if successful, we will forward your tests, documents and the signed forms to the NZHGPA for processing


The current fee is $675 for both instructor and tandem together, $400 each otherwise. Please check on the NZHGPA fee site for changes. Book now or ask questions!

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