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The Kruyer II is the new light harness of Kortel Design. Compared with the first Kruyer, we had two main goal : being lighter and more comfortable.


The gain was obtained thanks to the use of even more high-tech materials.
The Kevlar’s belt is replaced by the lighter Dyneema line and foams are now in high-density EVA.

The gain in comfort was obtained by improving the thighs support, just as much as by the use of this EVA foam. The sizes were also revised to improve and ensure a smooth mass support.


The Kruyer II thus becomes more comfortable than the old version, even better than the old Kairn, with around 30% mass gain !


The Kruyer II sees itself also endowed with an innovative and exclusive system of settings by adjustable splice. The SER, allowing a precise, fluid and simple setting.


More info is on the Kortel website.

Kortel Kryer

  • Sizes and Weight

    3 sizes availables, from S to L.

      Summary table
      S M L XL
    Pilot’s size -170 cm 168/180 cm 180/195 cm +190 cm
    Weight 285g 300g 320g 400g


    • SaK II, a reversible bag-airbag, which once attached increase the comfort and handling of the harness.
    • Kontainer, a ventral rescue Kontainer, fixed on the main carabiners.


    EN 1651
    LTF with the SaK II

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