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This perfect beginner / intermediate package consists of 


Ozone Catalyst 10, latest version

with bar, lines, safety leash, pump, bag

AXIS Liberty kite board 2018

with footstraps and handle

PRO LIMIT seat harness

stage 1 lesson

stage 2 lesson

set up lesson 

on-going WW support: Come out kiting with us and we can give you futher asssitance to keep you progressing and safe


We often have other kite boards available for the same price. Please check with Reuben. 


Ozone Catalyst

Fun, easy and intuitive to fly
Large wind range with progressive de-power
Simple and quick re-launch
The kite of choice for entry level to intermediate riders

prices for complete kite package with bag, bar, lines

4 - $1,792 / 6 - 2,033 / 8 - $2,267 / 10 - $2,362 / 12 - $2,533 / 14 - $2,583

OZONE Catalyst Package deal