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Evan Lamberton

NZ Champion Paragliding 2012
2012 ranked No 1 in NZ
Team Trophy winner 2010 Canungra Cup
NZ National Team member 2009

Evan has flown passionately since 1976, first on a hang glider, then in small aircrafts and then paragliders. He has been a commercial pilot in 1982, a PPL instructor since the 1995 and a paraglider instructor since 1998.

With a background as a fireman and station manager, staying relaxed in any situation is his job. He runs training courses for fire brigade staff here and overseas and advises on safety issues.

Being a keen skier, ski instructor and member of a ski club, speed riding is right down his alley. He will be in charge of the speed riding courses this winter.

Also being a "petrol head" or motorcyclist from way back, he has developed great expertise in paramotoring, both from a training as a technical point of view.

He joined the Wings & Waves team in teaching with Thierry Simonet, who trains French paramotoring instructors, as well as building paramotors in his own factory.

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