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useful reading for pilots.


by Eva Keim

read here

Importance of Currency

by Eva Keim

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Active Flying
by Eva Keim
Watch out for winter weather
by Eva Keim

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members area – WW theory notes, online log book, special offers

Here are some links for WW paragliding students.

For our students and existing customers, we make our course notes, online log book and specials available on these pages. We also keep you posted on our next courses and special ahead of the rest of the world. 

Please let us know what else you would like to see here. ​​

  • Join the NZHGPA - if you are doing a one day course, you can simply fill out a paper form when you come out. If you are doing a PG1 course, you need to join as a student member or a full member.
    Once you want to achieve a rating or license, you need to be a full member.

  • Info sheet for PG course participants

  • Check out the list of likely flying site

  • Wings & Waves theory notes below for WW students only

  • Online log book and progression links are below for WW students. Please contact Eva to set you up. 

  • if you have any question or feedback that may help us improve or any complaint, please email Eva and we will reply within 3 days and will endeavour to solve any issue without delay.


I'M SAFE – CAA safety reminder
I'M SAFE poster.pdf
vfr (Visual Flight Rules) papers

click here to go to the online test. Contact Eva for the password

CAA airspace book
rating forms

members only area

Stay in touch with WhatsApp

This is a link to a group exclusively for our current PG2 student. Please click the link and ask to be added. We will sen you up-dates on training sessions as soon as we decide where to go on the day. Just scan the OCR with your phone or click the link to WhatsApp.



Wings & Waves PG2 group
Theory notes

These are the notes which guide us through the theory lessons. They are not complete theory papers, but headlines which tell you what theory you need to know and what to research if you can't make it to the theory lessons. 

Blue print on the papers indicate bits of information which is asked in the PG2 theory test. The rest is not necessarily less important for your paragliding career or safe flying, but not in the test.

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