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paramotor lessons – only with WW

To learn paramotoring safely, you need the best instructors you can get. At Wings & Waves we have both of the best NZ paramotor instructors, Reuben Muir and Eva Keim.

Different to other offers, we do paramotor lessons 1:1 or max 2-3 new pilots at dedicated paramotor sites where we concentrate only on your teaching for the day. Running motor training parallel to paragliding courses isn't good enough in our view. That way, we make  the most out of every training day and get you through your training much faster and with much better skill at the end.

stage 1 motor course – get to fly solo!

You will need to basic paragliding training, get 25 solo paraglider flights, to get used to groundhandling a paraglider, being in the air by yourself, steering. Great landing skills in light wind are also essential. We can also take you for a trial flight on the paraglider to make up your mind. 

We offer a package of a course to learn all the skills above with your own new PPG glider, a basic harness, theory course, online log book and a ground handling glider to use for your course.

That package is $6,900.

stage 2 motor course – get to fly your own motor unit!

For the next part of the course, we need to sort out and order your motor. This is actually best done asap, because the shipment may take a few weeks to come in. 

Wings & Waves imports and services the best paramotoring brands. While there are endless options available around the world, we have picked the ones which don't only offer a nice cheap unit, but those who also supply fantastic service, supply spares without hassle, motors we can service to large degree.

We offer a particularly light but very powerful French unit by backbone with a ROS 100 or 125 motor. This unit only weighs under 20kg but the larger one is suitable even to do tandem flights. This makes it quite different to the other light weight units avaialble. Also, the cage and netting set up is superior to others.

The UK's Parajet brand offers amazingly engineered units and are currently - thanks to a low English Pound - a lot more affordable than they used to be. Check out the wonderful new, light weight Parajet Maverick for instance. We will have the first ones in NZ in late April 2017. 



Paramotor units vary from about $8,000 to $14,000 depending on the exchange rates at the time and the options you choose. 

If one can afford the fanciest motor of all, we offer the Parajet units from England.


I am not an engineer or much of  petrol head, but what outstandingly beautiful units they are! CNC custom manufactured, custom colours and set ups, with different motor and frame combination you can choose. 

The units come in from the UK pre-assembled to your custom order. 

Wings & Waves are experts on these units in NZ and help you look after it well. They come in much at the same price as they are in the UK, with about $900 airfreight on top. Check out the Parajet website!

PPG rating form

click to download the PDF document to show you the minimum requirements. Don't let the detail put you off: It's all broken up into perfect learning steps in the WW course

package deal special


For the start of the 2016 / 2017 paramotor season, we offer a special of ROS 125 motor unit + harness + new paramotor glider + PG intro instruction + 5 days PPG training for only $15,200. Must be booked and deposit paid by 30 August 2016.

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