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PARALOCK 3 universal paragliding carabiner


The new Paralock 3 is a universal paragliding carabiner with important safety features that can save your life in a variety of dangerous situations.


The next generation paragliding carabiner is not only useful for emergency water landings and high wind conditions on the ground, its quick-release function also makes it possible to prevent dangerous interactions between the reserve and the paraglider and to make use of the possibility to steer the reserve.

Advantages over conventional paragliding carabiners

  • Allows to disconnect the paraglider after an emergency parachute deployment. By this, an increased sink rate due to the interaction between the reserve and the paraglider and also the risk of downplaning by the paraglider can be avoided.
  • Helpful for handling in strong winds or for emergency water landings in breaking waves or on rivers.
  • Long service life without the problems of material fatigue.
  • Intuitive and safe operation with additional blocking option.
  • Easy and twist-free installation on almost any harness.
  • No need to carry a crosscut knife.
  • 28 kN breaking load at only 75 g weight.

Complex processing of high quality materials

The sophisticated forging process enables the Paralock 3 to be manufactured with a high surface quality despite the high degree of deformation. The forging of the high-strength material Titanal provides additional material reinforcement, resulting in a low weight of only 75 g with a breaking load of 2.8 kN. The steel parts are made of hardened chrome steel, the plastic parts are made of the oil-resistant and low-wear plastic POM, and the swivel lever has a hard-anodised coating for low-friction dry running.


Proven fatigue strength

Unlike conventional paragliding carabiners, the Paralock’s lock is form-fit, so the dynamic stress relevant to material fatigue in flight is only a fraction. It has survived the fatigue test of 2.000 load changes at 525 DaN top load and then 5 million load changes at 240,5 DaN at an accredited materials testing institute without damage. This is equivalent to 5 years of tandem operation with unlimited flight hours. The maximum recommended service life for mono paragliding use is 8 years, with no risk of material fatigue even with extended use.


Video Paralock field tests

The Paralock has undergone extensive field testing during its development.
A 47-second video shows how easy it is to disconnect the paraglider after an emergency parachute deployment.


Charly Paralock 3


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