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This is the most popular PG2 package deal with the latest EN A glider, plus a fabulous light weight harness, plus a


  • full PG2 course with Wings & Waves which includes:
  • practical lessons with our team of highly qualified instructors, Lukas, Reuben, Eva
  • theory lessons in person
  • theory lessons online – exclusive to Wings & Waves
  • online WW log book – exclusive to Wings & Waves
  • online WW PG2 quizz to help you prepare for the PG2 test – exclusive to Wings & Waves
  • PG2 theory test
  • VFR test
  • practical tests


  • GIN Bolero 7 in your colour and size
  • GIN Yeti lightweight harness with back protector and carabiner – we can change or up-grade your harness choice once you come and test them to see which fits you best



GIN Bolero 7



The Bolero 7 marks a step-change in the Bolero series, incorporating our latest technological developments. The result: a wing that — compared to its predecessor — is more forgiving, yet more fun to fly.


The Bolero 7 is perfect for the formative years of a flying career, from first steps to first thermals and well beyond. For casual or more experienced safety oriented pilots, it could even be all the wing they will ever need.

  • new planform and arc gives greater agility in the turn whilst increasing roll stability
  • 3rd generation Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) inlet system further stabilises internal wing pressure, giving increased pitch stability and aerodynamic efficiency
  • smooth inflation without shooting
  • early take-off at low speed"thermal sniffing" character
  • new line layout makes lines easier to inspect and less prone to tangles

More detail on the product page.

Course package with GIN Bolero


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