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The Avid lets you experience the joys of free flight to the max. It's a wing that keeps your focus on the views and the route and helps you stay relaxed.


The Avid offers a well-rounded package for the XC pilot who wants to fly a wing that provides pure pleasure. Its balanced yet informative handling means efficient climbing and gliding with a low workload and wide margin of safety:


  • excellent climbing ability in all conditions
  • exemplary pitch stability for easy take-offs and outstanding collapse resistance/recovery
  • a fabric adapted for more abrasive take-offs
  • top class glide performance for its category
  • smart riser for improved C riser control




Flat area (m2)20.5422.1023.9925.9628.07
Flat span (m)11.1711.5812.0712.5513.05
Flat aspect ratio6.
Projected area (m2)17.4818.8120.4322.1023.89
Projected span (m)8.929.269.6510.0310.43
Projected aspect ratio4.564.564.564.564.56
Number of cells5959595959
Glider weight (kg)4.054.304.654.855.15
Weight range (kg)55-7565-8575-9585-10595-120
CertificationEN BEN BEN BEN BEN B


Up, up and away

The Avid’s combination of stability and handling translates into a superior climbing experience. The wing is informative enough to help you make the most of lift, yet the brakes offer authority and precision. Whether turning tightly or more flat, the Avid always remains well balanced. Feedback through the brakes is direct, and its inherent pitch and roll stability enables you to effortlessly maximise your climb—and have fun doing so!


Top class glide performance

The Avid’s glide is among the best in its class, and in many instances, it will keep up with wings in the category above. 3rd generation Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) ensures that the internal pressure in the wing remains as constant as possible, which means that the shape of the wing is maintained and aerodynamic efficiency improved. The Avid’s profile and aspect ratio is derived from the Explorer 2, a wing which has an excellent track record in its category.


Fabric for harsh environments

The fabric of the Avid was developed by GIN and our technical partner Myungjin. The Myungjin MJ40MF and MJ32MF fabrics are intended to withstand harsher, more abrasive environments. After a long development process, this fabric was first introduced in our tandem glider and has proven to have excellent qualities.


Calm, cool, collected

The Avid has an innate pitch stability. It bites enthusiastically into lifty lines, yet settles quickly overhead. Collapses are a rare thing in flyable air and even if they do occur, recovery is stress-free. And even on windier, more thermic take-offs, the wing has a tendency to remain anchored above your head.


Rear riser control system

The Avid features a smart riser with a control toggle and a Harken pulley for extra smooth operation (in case you prefer a more conventional riser, the B/C line is removable). Push half bar, take the riser and enjoy the view! The ideal introduction to flying with the rear risers!


Built for travel

Despite the heavier fabric, the Avid is still relatively light due to its construction. A strategic mix of new formula plastic rods and Nitinol (Nickel titanium) wire provides greater dimensional stability, performance and more compact packing.



Designer and CEO Gin Seok Song explains the development of the Avid:

“The Avid draws heavily on our GIN LAB wind tunnel research we are carrying out in partnership with a university here in Korea. This is a major project that has already produced some insights that are trickling down into production wings. This work helped a lot to optimise the sail tensioning, which for the pilot means improved climbing and more refined handling.


The Avid’s handling remains well balanced and efficient at a wide range of bank angles and wing loadings. It gives a feeling of stability and control, but it still provides good information on what the air is doing. This is what we consider one of the main benefits of the wing and it translates into low pilot workload. In addition, we have a smart riser with C control system. There’s an additional pulley for extra smooth operation and a toggle for easy control. For the reinforcements, we are also using a combination of a new type of plastic rod and Nitinol wire. The Atlas rods are used in critical nose sections due to their high resistance to breaking, dimensional stability and minimal wear and tear effect. The Nitinol wire on the top surface towards the rear perfectly and precisely supports the trailing edge whilst reducing weight and packing volume.


We’ve also been working closely with Myungjin for some time to develop robust fabrics with the precise characteristics we need. In wings such as our Fuse tandem, we’ve found the longevity of the fabric to be excellent even after hard seasons of tandem flying all around the world.

The Avid is our simply our answer to the pilots who wanted to experience our best performing wing in the EN B category, but whose top priority is not minimising weight.”

GIN Avid


    • 3rd generation Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT) reduces wing "breathing" and improves handling and performance
    • 3 risers / 3 lines spanwise
    • Strategic mix of new formula plastic rods and Nitinol (Nickel titanium) wire for dimensional stability, performance and more compact packing
    • Unsheathed aramid lines with optimized diameters
    • Speed system with C riser steering (removable)
    • Gathering (reefing) system and mini ribs on trailing edge
    • Dirt release system
  • Canopy cloth

    Upper surface leading edge: Myungjin MJ40 MF

    Upper surface: Myungjin MJ32 MF

    Lower surface: Myungjin MJ32 MF



    Upper: Edelrid 8001-U 050, 070, 090, 130

    Middle: Edelrid 8001-U 050, 070, 090, 130, 190

    Main: Edelrid 8001-U 090, 130, 190, 230, 280, 340

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