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The instinctive choice

Ever since its first version in 1999, the Bolero has provided a solid foundation for thousands of pilots to develop their skills—from the first steps on the training slopes to soaring effortlessly amongst the clouds.

The Bolero 5 gives pilots just the right feedback to enable them to develop an instinctive feeling for the air—in a safe, comfortable and progressive manner.

The Bolero 5 is intended as a first paraglider, suitable for school use but also for regular pilots who want to fly relaxed.

GIN Bolero 5

  • With Equalized Pressure Technology (EPT)

    EPT uses numerical analysis to calculate the best solutions for certain airfoil parameters. The result is that the tiny, constant deformations of the airfoil in flight are reduced, and the air pressure inside the wing stays more constant. Although some pilots associate EPT with performance gains, the technology has several other key benefits. The wing inflates more easily, has better thermal searching behaviour, climbs better and is more stable and comfortable in active air. In addition, the glider has a longer brake range, higher brake pressures approaching the stall point. The low stall speed gets you airbourne quickly and provides a good safety margin for landings. The flare is positive and easy to feel. Overall, we feel we have succeeded in the challenging task of improving on the Bolero 4.

    Ease of use on the ground and in the air

    The Bolero 5 features a new "S-inlet" system, which combines with EPT to keep the air inlets more open before and during take-off. As a result, the wing has a tendency to come up easily and evenly, even in those cases when the preparation for launch was less than ideal! The S-inlets also help re-inflate the wing promptly and progressively in the unlikely event of a deflation.

    The Bolero 5 has 3 risers and 3 main lines spanwise per side. Besides the obvious reduction in drag, the simpler riser and reduction in line consumption makes it easier to identify and sort out lines on the ground.

    A well-balanced glider

    The handling of the Bolero 5 strikes the balance needed to optimally develop a pilot's flying instincts. The brakes are precise yet forgiving. The turn is responsive and playful, but always co-ordinated and comfortable. The wing gives clean and intelligible feedback which makes it easy to learn about the air, whilst the reduced mini-oscillations ensure that the pilot remains reassured as they progress towards flying in more active air. All this means simply more fun!

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