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This is the 2023 latest PG2 package deal with the latest and most popular beginner suitable glider, plus a fabulous XC reversable harness, plus a


- full PG2 course with Wings & Waves which includes:

- practical lessons with our team of instructors, Lukas, Reuben, Eva

- this is an 'immersion course' which means that we do not limit the number of training days or flights you may do during PG2. You have 6 months to finish your PG2 rating, but may fly your heart out during this time and do far more than the minimum requirements. This is quite different to other schools and courses. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve the PG2 rating as this depends on skills, how much time you can make for training, and hinges all on your and others; safety. 

- theory lessons online and / or in person

- online WW log book and progression tool which improves your learning immensely

- online WW PG2 quizz to help you prepare for the PG2 test

- PG2 theory test

- VFR test

- practical tests


- the exciting brandnew GIN Evora in your colour and size. which is the most amazing 2023


- GIN Verso 3 harness


To add a Neo Hexagon Helmet, add $220.

GIN Evora package deal


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