Yeti xtrem: when every ounce counts
The Yeti harness now comes in 2 versions: an ultralight version with opening buckles or the step in xtrem version shown here. Compared to the lightest ultralight harnesses on the market, the Yeti offers an excellent ratio of comfort to weight and improved durability.

The Yeti is ideal for hike 'n fly, para-alpinism, speedflying, travel, soaring or simply to keep in your car for whenever you get the opportunity to steal a quick flight! The Yeti is part of a versatile system that covers all your lightweight needs. For greater protection, add a Yeti rescue with front container. To carry your equipment, you can choose from a wide range of technical rucksacks, or alternatively, the Yeti convertible harness/rucksack. Finally, add a Yeti paraglider and you're good to go!

This 3rd generation version of the Yeti retains the successful characteristics of its predecessor, but features a more durable fabric and improved detailing.

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GIN Yeti Xtreme 2

  • - Split legs geometry

    - Lateral straps to adjust seat angle

    - Step-in legs, opening and adjustable chest strap

    - Pulley and rings for speed bar routing

    - Rescue fitment only to main carabiners, no shoulder connections

    - 12mm kevlar / 25mm dyneema webbing

    - Certified EN 1651


    One size


    500g (Yeti xtrem version)

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