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This is the perfect accessory for in-flight communications: A microphone and ear phones which easily integrate both into your helmet. A push-to-talk finger button allows you to talk without letting go of your brakes. Feed the cable through your sleeve to your finger.In combinations with our 4-5W UHF radio, you have the perfect set up to communicate clearly, without wind noise and while concentrating on flying we

Radio headset

    • Wide surface of Velcro for instruments.
    • It is also transformed into bag photo shoulder strap for after flight.
    • The access to the case is possible at any time by pivoting on the breast and side access.
    • The belts of the bag shoulder strap line up under the kockpit during the use in the air.


    850 g



    More pictures and details are on the Kortel website.

    Price: $339.00

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