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This is a great simple altivario, with GPS function. It suits thermalling and XC pilots. It is small, light, in-expensive, easy to download your track log.


For competition pilots, the NAV version is more suitable as you can programm routes and turnpoints.

Syride SYS'GPS V3

  • Technical details

    Function :  Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter
    Size :  10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm
    Weight :  83 gr including battery
    Rising threshold :  from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s
    Falling threshold :  from -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s
    Thermal sniffer :  activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
    Height above ground :  with topography
    Backlighted display :  100% customizable
    Volume :  3 levels plus 'OFF' position
    Autonomy :  40h
    Memory :  75h of flight
    Output files :  IGC, GPX and KML
    Online flightbook :  included
    Risers fixing :  included
    Cockpit fixing :  with velcro (included)
    USB cable :  included
    Price :  NZ$675

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