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SIV course
8-11 Sept 2022, Cromwell

always keep learning!

After some intensive R&D and re and up-skilling in Europe, Eva is ready to teach state of the art SIV courses in NZ again. 

SIV courses are incredibly valuable for all pilots. Learning about your gliders behaviour and your action required when you are outside the usual calm and stable conditions, gives you confidence and the skills to recover well. 

We will be working on great pilot skills for PG2 and PG3 pilots, such as pitch and roll control, the dynamics of your glider, collapse recovery, descent techniques etc. Aerobatics are not the focus of this course.

This course is set over 4 days to give us a bit of flexibility with the weather. 

We aim for 6 flights per participant. Extra flights can be done if time allows, charged per tow. 

Blake's fabulous towing crew will tow you above Lake Dunstan. 

The program and manoeuvres will be customised to the pilots' experience and wishes. That way, each of you gets the most out of it and learns exactly what is most valuable for you at your current stage of flying. It's particularly easy to make the most out of the course when instructor and pilot know each other.

NOTE: Tow rating needed

Sadly, we don't have a site in NZ which allows us to do an SIV launching on the mountain beside the lake. Believe me, that's not for a lack of trying or searching. 

You need tow rating to do this course. Some of you have already done one with us and Blake during our Wanaka thermal courses. Others will have to do one prior. Blake will offer tow courses the days prior to this course, but I'd encourage you to do it well before if you can, to take the pressure off. 
We will offer a tow course in the days prior to the SIV, but we will also offer a tow course near Auckland before hand. Please let us know whether you have a tow rating already or not.


Our towing partner, wonderful Blake Round, has sites at Lake Dunstan sorted which we will use. They offer several launch sites for different conditions.

days to fly

We allocated 4 days for a program which we can easily get through in 3 if we need to. That gives us some slack for marginal weather.

transport and accommodation

We are very happy to arrange a shared house for all participants if that's what you would like. At this stage we have not included this into the cost, but would be approximately $190-250 for the duration of the course per person.


A tow team and equipment, sadly adds to the cost of such course but at the same time makes it very efficient. 

  • 3 days training over 4 scheduled days

  • 6 tows per pilot

  • includes use of self inflating life vests, tow bridle

  • SIV instructor

  • tow team

  • boat gas

  • insurance

  • videographer

  • additional rescue boat 


$1,450 per pilot

Extra tows are approximately $60

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