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This is one of the most under-rated gliders in the history of paragliding - great wing, lovely to fly. This used one is in fabulous conditions with about 60 hours on it.


Join the XC community

The cross country paragliding community is a tribe of people who live by their own rules, drawn together by a love of freedom and the discovery of wide open spaces. The GIN Tribe has been designed to unlock the door to this amazing world with the ideal blend  of performance, agility and safety for this class of glider.

  • Tribe sizes: XS, S, M, ML & L
  • EN C / LTF C
  • An XC glider that's user friendly 
  • Easy inflation in all conditions
  • Best performance in the EN C category
  • New "W shape" air inlet leading edge
  • New lightweight battens for leading edge reinforcement
  • 100% Skytex 9017 40g on the top and bottom sail for the best ratio of durability / weight
  • Kevlar / Dyneema mix of line material for the optimum balance of performance / durability / weight
  • Thin, light risers of 12mm Kevlar webbing 
  • Kick Down speed system

The Tribe has been designed for pilots who want to lead out and to go further—for pilots who want to go to those wild places they have never been before and to feel confident in doing so. The Tribe will expand your horizons. Once you fly the Tribe, your passion for flying will be elevated to new levels and you'll play a full part in a community of pilots bound together by a love of freedom.

The EN C Tribe incorporates all the latest GIN technology, from the world famous Boomerang series of competition gliders to the proven safety features of the Bolero series and everything in-between. The result? A glider that makes flying cross country truly easier, safer and more stress-free.

The shape and design concept

Robert Graham and Gin Seok Song have worked together for several years to create new standards in paragliding technology. Their main design philosophy has remained constant over many years: more performance to make each flight more comfortable and safe. They were the first designers to focus on the concept that pitch stability is the key to performance and comfort—a paraglider that can perform better in turbulent conditions and headwinds is a paraglider that helps pilots to feel more relaxed and to fly further. 
To follow this path and enhance this concept, Robert had the original idea to design a "W shape" air inlet leading edge. The air pressure inside the canopy is optimized, resulting in more performance at maximum speed. Whenever the angle of incidence of the profile changes due to the speed system or air conditions, the stagnation point (point at which the airflow separates to flow above and below the wing) moves on the leading edge. The "W shape" air inlet results in an optimum position of the stagnation point on the leading edge over a wider range of angles of incidence and allows a reduction in the air inlet size. 
This means that the wing pressure is increased at high speeds. The wing is more rigid, and offers more performance and also more direct handling.

The EN C category of wing is an ideal vehicle for this new technology—pilots are looking for the best performance wing with sweet and direct handling, without any compromises on safety. A more rigid wing is easily managed by pilots with this level of experience.
The Tribe follows the latest trend of seeking the highest performing wings for each EN category. The aspect ratio increases to 5.8 combined with 62 cells and a "3 cell diagonal system". It allows the Tribe to be the best performing wing in the EN C category, like most of the GIN range in their own classes.
An optimized trimming of the sail and profiles helps to obtain a well-coordinated, homogeneous and secure feeling for a glider of this performance level. 

Flight characteristics

When flying the Tribe, you will feel confident in all flight conditions. 
The inflation is progressive, easy, stable in pitch and won't over-shoot the pilot, even in strong wind. 
When flying cross country we often encounter turbulent patches of air. The wing cuts through turbulence and the most difficult conditions with ease. This type of performance and security will enable you to go further, freeing your mind to concentrate on your next move rather than worrying about controlling the glider. The "W shape" air inlets give the Tribe a very precise, direct handling in thermals and allows you to center up on the core with a minimum of brake input, allowing you to achieve the fastest and most efficient climbs. 

Even if the wing has a high internal pressure, a huge effort has been made in the trimming of the wing to achieve a light and progressive brake pressure.

The 8 cm speed range system and riser configuration is efficient at maximum speed but is also easy to use at all speeds—good pilot are now used to using the speed system frequently to maximise the performance in XC flight.

New generation lightness

The GIN R&D department has used the latest technology to offer the optimum ratio of durability / lightness.
"Light" does not just mean a glider more easy to carry on a long trek. "Light" also means more performance and comfort in flight. Handling is better and a lighter wing's behaviour is generally smoother in all conditions—especially during incidents in flight, such as collapses.

The canopy is made of the well-proven Skytex 9017 40g top and bottom. A lighter material is used to reinforce the line attachment points inside the profile; this new fabric also provides a more even load distribution. 

The leading edge is reinforced with flexible plastic battens. This enables a reduction in weight over conventional mylar inserts, while increasing aerodynamic efficiency. 
The line cascade is an optimized mixed of Kevlar and Dyneema. Upper lines are unsheathed, but mid- and lower main lines are sheathed for ease of use and durability. 
The thin 12 mm risers are made of Kevlar webbing.


With the Tribe you will be part of the community of pilots who fly freely by their own rules. These pilots want to discover those places they have never been, and be confident in doing so. The Tribe is the glider that will expand your horizons. Your passion for cross country will enter a different world.

GIN Tribe ML


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