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paramotoring near Mount Maunganui


Paramotoring is probably the easiest and most convenient kind of motorised flying. The entire equipment fits into the back of your car and weighs about 20kg to 40kg. It takes minutes to set up and you need only a small clear area to take off or land. A few steps and you are off.

On a nice, calm day, take off in your back yard, fly around the country side, land back home or drop in on a friend - if you don't live in town! Check out the beauty of your area from above, check out remote areas of your farm or fly to your local paragliding site.

With a tank of gas, you fly for about 2-3 hrs non-stop, at 20-60km/h ground speed on a light wind day.

With good instruction, it will take you a few days to learn to fly confidently and safely.

So far, the European countries have been far ahead on NZ in terms of paramotoring instructions. NZ is mostly following the very old system of teaching. We have aligned ours with the modern methods. We teach basics of flying paragliders first, but immediately focus on the skills and techniques you need for paramotoring. We then give you dedicated motoring lessons focussing on efficient learning and safety. 


Europe - where paramotoring is a big and fast growing sport - has moved on to more direct and more intense and efficient training some years ago. This is where we learnt how to teach. Reuben is the expert in NZ, talk to him or Eva if you have questions.

At Wings & Waves, we are the only school teaching to NZ as well as European standards in the most modern methods, which gets you better results faster.

We run courses all year, please contact us to find out where and when it would fit in. Check out our courses and gear for sale.

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