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Crazy Lukas jumping high

Here is an article about Lukas setting a NZ record kite jump. Great little vid but the mother in me was not impressed.

WW wins ALL NZ National prizes

The Wings & Waves instructors hold 11 NZ Champion titles among them, ranging from about 1994 to 2016.​ ​ As of 2016, the Wings & Waves team has won the NZ Championships 10 (!) times in a row. That will be unbeatable for a long time. At the 2016 NZ Nationals, we even won every single title: ​ 1. Overall - Reuben Muir on a GIN GTO2 1. Woman - Eva Keim on a GIN Carrera 1. EN B glider - Joe Ward on a GIN Carrera 1. EN C glider - Grant Middendorf on a GIN GTO2 L 1. EN D glider - Reuben Muir Best up-and-coming pilot - Leighten Joll on a GIN Atlas. ​ The titles range from 1995 to 2016 and all classes. Why? This is only possible with a superior understanding of the sport, consistantly great gear mat

PARTY time!!

Don't forget: 14 August in party day! The picture, of course, is mis-leading. There won't be a BBQ, but Chillie con Carne to eat. BYO drinks, please.

NEW website for Wings & Waves

We have been working furiously to build a new website for Wings & Waves. The old one started to look a bit aged and was too hard to up-date to more modern features. So far, we only have the basics ready to go, but posted it because such project can turn into a never-ending process. We have a bunch of new ideas of what to add in the future. Thank you to all of you who had some input into this!!! PLEASE give us feedback: What would you like to see in addition to what is there now? What would you recommend we change? Your WW team

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