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PG school's life in times of Covid-19

I hope everyone is coping o.k. with our new day to day normal of isolation. Wings & Waves is obviously closed as such: No teaching, no flying or kiting, no shop hours. Still, we are working from home and are here for you for info and advice, service if you can get it to me, and your huge future orders. We are working on all aspects of admin, website, online theory classes etc. Support us to do the best job for you! If there is any equipment you would like now or in the future, please email Eva about it, so we can research and import what you want. We will need all the support you can offer in future. What would you like us to import? What are you looking at buying? What gear do we not offer

PG2 theory Webinars

We are offering weekly webinars for all our students and others, covering all PG2 theory topics, so that our current students are ready for the theory test by the end of the lockdown. The initial PG2 set of topics are Aerodynamics - done, available as a recording to our students Equipment / material- done, available as a recording to our students Airmanship- done, available as a recording to our students Weather - next lesson 25 March 2020, 10.30am on Zoom Flying in lift - 2 May 2020, 10.30am on Zoom Extreme manœuvres and descent techniques - 9 May 2020, 10.30am on Zoom After these lessons, we will get into instrument use, XC flying, launching techniques etc. Please register if you would lik

Vouchers and courses extended

For those of you who have vouchers for our courses which expired March 2020 or later: We are extending the vouchers' validity for whatever time we are un-able to operate due to the government regulations PLUS 1 month extra to give you time to get sorted. So, if your voucher expired in July, and the lock down goes for 1 month (here is me being optimistic), your voucher will be valid for an extra 2 months from the original expiry date of July to September 2020. The same happens for courses that were to be completed within 6 months, that time frame will be extended in the same manner.

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