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More than 100 sausages eaten!

Thank you all for showing up for the WOF night last night! What a major turn out we had, with a record number of sausages eaten, and WOFs completed. Reuben offered a session on how to check gliders, what to look out for and how to look after gliders to those who are new to flying and glider checks. Thank you especially to Leighton for manning the BBQ expertly, to Bryce for taking over for round 2 and getting more supplies, to Mike for organising the hall and the rest of us, to Jeff for helping lots of people with their gliders checks, to Stefan for the extra porosity meter and his help, for Reuben for his tireless work. It ended up a long day for us when we finished at 9pm. I hope you all le

Random PG thoughts - confidence!

Not flying much due to work, health / surgery, kids and dramas, I ended up with some confident issues flying. At a recent competition in Chelan in the US, I enjoyed only about half the flying we did to be honest. That reminded me that even after some 30 years flying, currency is still an issue for some. Pilots with less experience must experience this more. Others don't seem to have this issue at all: I endlessly admire how pilots like Reuben and Middy - after an entire year of hardly flying at all or only flying tandems on the coast - can jump on a EN D or comp class glider and fly very competitively and fast. It doesn't work like this for me, nor for a bunch of other pilots. One of the way

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