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Xmas hours at Wings & Waves

Merry Xmas! The weather has been great recently, and we have done lots of flying, both in Auckland and the Waikato.

We are still teaching until 23 December - so come out with us!

Last minute Xmas presents are going out the door fast, call Eva if you still need anything, we have a great variety of fabulous useful pilot and kiter presents on stock.

From 24 December to 1 January 2017, we will have a break with the families who don't see us all that much during the summer otherwise.

From 2 January, Reuben, Lukas and Bryce will be teaching in Auckland full time again. We gave up teaching on 1 January because we had a few seriously hung over people which is not idea.

From 7 January, Eva and Mike are running a thermalling and XC course in Wanaka.

There is also a thermalling course in Bright, Victoria, from 10 February.

Have a wonderful holiday with lots of love and laughter and a Happy New Year! See you all soon.

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